Hi! You’re on this page most probably because you want to know how credible this DermaTend mole, wart, and skin tag remover is. While you can get loads of information from different sites, I’m sharing with you the result of my thorough and truthful research of the product. Here you will know about the swell and not so well experiences of actual users of DermaTend. No bluffs – simply facts to help you know whether or not this product can end your insecurity or problem caused by unwanted moles, warts, or skin tags.

What is DermaTend?

DermaTend is a topical cream claiming to remove all unwanted moles, warts, and skin tags. It was introduced to the market in 2003 as an all organic, herbal formula to give people another and apparently the safest, and least expensive option over any other form of treatment. Before its breakthrough, the options available were surgery, laser treatment, cauterized excision, and cryotherapy. Obviously, the alternative became a hit as who would go for cuts, stitches, and burns when you can simply apply a supposedly harmless cream?

How it works

  • Manufacturers emphasize that after applying DermaTend to your mole, scabbing will take in its place. It’s supposed to heal, dry, and fall off naturally leaving you with new healthy skin without scarring in as little as 10 days.
  • Based on their website, the cream is made from special combination of natural ingredients including Sanguinaria Canadensis, vegetable glycerine, distilled water, and butter of zinc which work with your body and immune system to dissolve skin moles for good, and develop healthy skin tissue.
  • This treatment is also supposedly painless with just a mild stinging as professed by some users.

What real users have to say

Now let’s get to know the real score behind this product from real people who experienced it firsthand:


Another user said this in a DermaTend review:


This one comes from someone who’s seen how it worked:


Now the following users both have a piece of advice:


Based on all the reviews I’ve gathered, users in general did find that DermaTend is an effective removal treatment for moles, warts, and skin tags. However, the results such as scarring and the number of days it takes to heal evidently vary among users and may depend on the severity of the condition.

Where to get the best deal

If you’re thinking of seeing the result yourself, the product is easily available online. In fact, your options on the internet are more than a few but so are scammers waiting to take advantage of you! To ensure you don’t get ripped off or fall prey to bogus sellers, the wisest and safest place to buy the product from is none other than the official website. After comparing prices, shipping cost, and other charges, I found that the official DermaTend site has the best to offer.

For a limited time, you can get HUGE discounts on your purchase. From the regular price of $60, you can buy the original DermaTend removal system for only $39.95. That’s $20 savings! For the Extra Strength DermaTend, you can save $50, and $120 savings for 2 Extra DermaTend. Plus, if you buy today you can use the coupon code THANKYOU to save additional $10! What’s more, they’re also giving away a free healing balm. This balm is likewise naturally formulated and specifically created for use with the mole removal cream to help speed up healing and reduce the chance of scarring.

Finally, the official site also provides 60 day money back guarantee. There’s no risk then if for some reason you decide the product is not for you. That said, it’s the highly recommended site to make your purchase from.

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