Delta Saws


Delta has a considerable line of tools, including some heavier professional grade systems, such as cabinet band saws. In the table saw market, Delta has line of major offerings, including their 3812S table saw. The 3812S has a strong 15 amp motor that can power through most materials. The 26″ x 20″ table surface provides plenty of room for the work material to pass through. The 3812S is also capable of up to -2 to 47 degrees. The 3812S also has a quick release mechanism that allows for easy changing of blades.


Delta offers the 28-640, a 20″ Cabinet band saw. With a 2 HP motor, the 28-640 is appropriate for most any wood cutting job. The heavy gauge cabinet provides a secure cutting platform, with a sturdy steel fence that provides plenty of guidance when cutting. With the large, sturdy table and powerful motor, the 28-640 should be capable of completing most jobs without trouble.

Delta also has a wide selection of radial arm saws. The 33-420 is an 18″ radial arm saw that comes with a hefty 5 HP motor. The 33-420 is capable of rotating 360 degrees about the work table. The large 44″ X 36-1/2″ table should allow for plenty of workspace.

As far as reciprocating saws, Delta offers the variable speed quik-change Tiger Saw Kit. With a heavy duty 9 amp motor, the Tiger can handle about any job meant for a reciprocating saw. The Tiger runs at up to 2600 SPM and includes a variable speed control, and has the power to maintain its speed even under a heavy load for the smoothest cut. The patented quik-change technology allows the blades of the saw to be replaced quickly and without hassle.


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