Deck Chairs


One of the penultimate sources of comfort when it comes to outdoor furniture is the deck chair. Originally found in the decks of ships and marine vessels (hence the name), deck chairs connote relaxation in the summertime and are a definite must have in most American homes. They are very comfortable as chairs or recliners and are often portable to any location in your outdoors like the patio, garden or pool area. And because of their origin as ship furniture, which have to withstand salt, sea spray and other weather elements, these chairs are known for their durability and sturdiness.

A deck chair is originally made of wood, in particular teak (most furniture experts would say that teak remains as the best wood type for this type of chair). Part of a wooden deck chair’s charm is that it is great for the outdoor use, and often creates a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. If you’re a fan of aesthetics for the patio or the garden, a good wooden deck chair set could enhance the look of the area. You have a wide choice at your disposal, with a variety of styles and designs. Among the other wood types used for making these chairs are eucalyptus, solid hardwood and rubber wood, among others.

Modern developments in deck chair furniture, however, now made it possible for the production of metal and plastic ones. The latter models are often cheaper than the wooden ones, and are generally less bulky and more lightweight.

The material for the seat is originally canvas, and actually remains as the mostly preferred material because of its durability. There are other seat materials that have come with time, however. These often include acrylic fabric and cotton. Color has also moved on with the times. In the older eras, these chairs are often red and white stripes in color. Today, your choices include the different colors in the color palette, with various shades and combinations available for your preferences and tastes.

The foremost defining feature of the deck chair is its portability. Deck chairs are foldable seats, and are especially designed to be transportable from one place to another. Because they are mostly for the outdoors, they are also made to be as lightweight as possible. Originally, these chairs can only be folded in a single way. Advancements in design and technology, however, now rendered it foldable in a variety of ways. The manner of folding is perhaps one of the most important details that you have to check when buying a deck chair. If you can’t get around to folding it on your own, chances are the chair is of an inferior quality or it’s just too complicated for you.

Ultimately, there are also additions and modifications to the traditional deck chair. Some models now come with canopies to protect the user from too much sunlight exposure. Others have added footstools for relaxation of the legs and feet. There are other alterations, all to further enhance the comfort that this chair produces. To better know about your choices for deck chairs, go check the Internet now.


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