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Will Deception Wrinkle Cheating Cream Save Your Day?

From national talk shows to high-end fashion magazines, you may have seen the hype about Deception wrinkle cream.

But is it hype? Or is there finally an anti aging product that’s just as good as the ads claim?

I wanted to find out for myself, so here’s what I learned about Deception wrinkle cheating cream:

The anti aging product is made by Dremu, a Florida-based company that formulates a range of skin care products, from eye creams to moisturizing cleansers.

Along with Deception face cream, the company also sells the much-touted Dremu Oil, a triple-refined emu oil, which they claim is one of the world’s best skin moisturizers.

How Deception Wrinkle Creams Work


This skin care product doesn’t do a thing to reduce or eliminate wrinklesinstead, it works by reducing the appearance of wrinkles. According to the company, the human eye doesn’t see the wrinkle itself; it sees the shadow created by the wrinkle.

The Dremu answer? Eliminate the shadow. This thick cream contains silicon dioxide, which the manufacturer calls “micro-prisms,” to reflect light and cause the shadow to disappear.

Deception anti wrinkle cream also contains trendy emu oil, an ingredient the manufacturer claims will smooth and plump wrinkles. The oil contains essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and encourage collagen growth. According to the Dremu website, the oil in their products comes from natural fat deposits formed on free-range raised, well-treated emus.

Although the company includes emu oil in Deception wrinkle cream, it doesn’t make any claims that the wrinkle-hiding product eliminates fine lines like their pure emu oil. Perhaps Deception contains much lower-and less-effective-concentrations?

The Good
  • If you want a fast fix for laugh lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles, then Deception wrinkle cheating cream may be the solution you’re looking for. There’s no waiting for the redness of an in-office procedure to heal and no waiting the up to 6 weeks it takes for some wrinkle-reducing products to take effect. Users report seeing results in as little as five minutes, making it a perfect product for date night or picture day.
  • Deception cream can be used in combination with other skin care products. The manufacturer does, however, recommend waiting up to 60 seconds before applying it over foundation or makeup so it doesn’t smear.
  • It also contains gentle ingredients. Unlike skin care products containing heavy-duty wrinkle-fighters like salicylic acid or retinols, the ingredients in Deception are safe for pregnant women and for those with sensitive skin, according to the manufacturer’s website. They also say it’s gentle enough to use around the sensitive eye area.
  • You also can’t beat the cost when compared to doctors’ procedures or uber-fancy, high-end wrinkle formulas. Deception anti wrinkle cream sells for under $100 for a 90-day supply through the Dremu website-that’s little more than a $1 a day.
  • Dremu offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. According to their site, if you’re not satisfied, call or email their customer service department for a refund of the product price (note that they don’t refund shipping or handling costs).
The Bad
  • Deception wrinkle creams do not reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, leaving some to compare it to a fancy concealer. As its name implies, it hides wrinkles only when the cream is physically on the skin. When you wash your face at the end of the day, the wrinkles will still be there.
  • Deception face cream isn’t waterproof, so you’ll need to reapply it after a day at the beach or the evening yoga class.
  • Online opinions on Deception wrinkle cream aren’t always as sunny as the comments posted on the manufacturer’s website. Some users express frustration that they bought the product under the impression it reduced lines only to find out it does nothing but cover them up. Others report an uncomfortable drying or tightening sensation when the product is applied.

The Advice?

Does Deception wrinkle cream work? The bottom line is if you’re looking for a quick and temporary solution to those age-defining lines and folds, perhaps the face cream deception wrinkle solution is a smart buy.

But if I’m going to spend my hard-earned money on an anti aging product, I’d rather invest in a wrinkle cream that actually eliminates lines and furrows instead of just covering them up.


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