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Reviews of Popular DDF Skin Care Products & Cosmetics Line

DDF cosmetics is not the latest text messaging abbreviation. It actually stands for Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula, the manufacturer of a popular anti aging product called DDF Nourishing Eye Cream.


I first noticed this cream on a popular online beauty store and saw that it was getting rave reviews, so I wanted to learn more about it.

Is it time to buy DDF cosmetics? Maybe. DDF skin care products seem to have many positive reviews, making them a good candidate for my own eye wrinkle problems.

Here’s what I found out, from DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask to DDF Silky C Serum:

DDF Cosmetics are Dermatologist Created

Since I always like to know a bit about the company making the products I put on my skin, here’s the rundown on DDF.


These products didn’t get their start in some faceless corporate laboratory. In the early 1990s, a well-known dermatologist created professional-grade, non-prescription products his patients could take home with them. With the help of his nutritionist sister, he began to formulate a full line of skin care that addresses virtually any need.

DDF Nourishing Eye Creams contain must-have wrinkle fighters.

The DDF team formulated this anti wrinkle eye cream to replenish aging skin with a complex of vitamins A, C, E, and B5. These are well-known antioxidants that boost the body’s natural cell renewal, reversing the damage caused by the sun. DDF cream for eyes also offers the increasingly popular green tea extract, which contains powerful antioxidants. Some researchers believe green tea’s antioxidants play a key role in relieving the skin damage that triggers premature aging.

These DDF skin care products for the eyes have a very enthusiastic fan base. Online reviews are packed with descriptions like “fast acting,” “soothing” and “refreshing.” And although it’s more expensive than a drug store cream (just under $50 for a half ounce), many users write that DDF Nourishing Eye Cream is well worth the cost.

DDF Skin Care Products Offer A Full Line of Anti Aging Care

The company makes a variety of products, including the basic DDF Wash Off Cleanser. However, their eye products, like DDF Erase Eye Gel, seem to be the most popular. Its non-drying formula includes natural ingredients, like vitamin C, flower oil and Camellia extract, to condition the skin while reducing discoloration.

Got pigmentation? The company sells pigmentation correctors like DDF Fade Gel 4 and DDF Fade Cream SPF 30, formulated to lighten dark spots and prevent future damage. The gel uses acids to exfoliate the skin and soften the appearance of wrinkles.


Apart from the famous DDF Nourishing Eye Cream, the firm also makes DDF Silky C Serum, a retinol product that renews and hydrates the skin. It also contains lutein and soy to boost skin strength and increase firmness. The result is fresh, exfoliated skin protected by antioxidants.

DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask doesn’t exactly have a pretty name, but it may work wonders on skin. This is a clarifying treatment ideal for those of us who live with adult acne. Using a combination of sulfur, purified clays, eucalyptus, and aloe, the DDF Mask prevents and heals those ugly blemishes.


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