Davinci Vaporizer Review


DaVinci Vaporizer Review : All About DaVinci Portable Vaporizer

When it comes to vaporizers, the DaVinci Vape is considered as one of the most trusted vape models in the industry. Although its mother company, Karma Classic, has only been established in 2012, it has already made a name for itself when it comes to best portable vaporizer.

And because of portability and design, these vaporizers are definitely something to look forward to. But do they really deliver a great vape experience to their users? Here’s a Da Vinci vaporizer review that you wouldn’t want to miss on reading.

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The Look of the 

These vaporizers look rugged, and come in four colors: black, gray, white and green. The basic colors look quite nice, and won’t have any problems whether men or women would use them.davinci-vaporizer-review-300x300

The DaVinci actually looks like a mini walkie-talkie with an antenna. The external shell features a rubberized, ergonomic grip that allows users to hold onto the unit without slips or accidents. Likewise, the outer shell also serves as a protection layer of the unit’s components inside.

Size and Power 

The DaVinci Vaporizer is famous for its size, measuring just 4 inches long, and 2.3 inches wide. It’s also just an inch thick, making it easy to slip inside your pocket or your bag’s pocket.

Another good thing about the Da Vinci vaporizer is that it only weighs 5.6 ounces, or just around 158g. Although it does have a protruding straw piece, the material is actually made out of flexible silicon, called the Flexi-Straw, so users don’t have any problems of breaking it while carrying it inside pockets.

 Features and Options

davinci-blk_2_1The DaVinci vape has a number of features that make it very popular among vape users. It has a Digital Temperature Control that allows users to fully control the heat of the unit.

It also has a digital LED temperature display that accurately displays how hot it is, and users can choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius. The unit will not overheat, too, even if it’s inside your pocket, because 2 buttons with opposite motions need to be pressed to turn up the heat.

It also has an Internal Storage Compartment, allowing it to carry an additional three times load inside for later use. Likewise, its stainless steel heating element allows it to heat up in around 1 minute and 30 seconds.

It also automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to conserve battery. The batteries are also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries.

 The DaVinci can heat up in as fast as 1.5 minutes, to as high as 221 degrees Celsius or 470 degrees Fahrenheit. You can easily set the temperatures with the buttons in front.

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Manufacturing Quality and Build

A DaVinci vape review would generally write about its external shell made out of rubberized plastic. The material also gives a good ergonomic grip that totally eliminates accidental slips and drops. The grip would also be good for those with small or big hands. The lack of moving parts also gives the DaVinci a very solid feel, without feeling too plasticky or cheap. Although it is made in China, the materials used are quite sturdy and of high quality.

Maintaining and Cleaning the DaVinci

The DaVinci is very easy to maintain and clean. It comes with a hidden cleaning tool, next to the internal compartment storage. It slides out, and lets you clean the inside of the bowl or the loading area. The snap lid and chamber keeps the cleaning tool secured.

DaVinci Portable Vaporizer Warranty

This vaporizer comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers anything that may arise from normal usage. The lithium ion batteries are covered by the standard 90-day warranty.

 Pros – The Good Stuff

  • Very portable vaporizerdavinci-grn_1_1
  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip ergonomic grip
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Digital temperature and control
  • Internal storage for extra amount of
  • Hidden cleaning tool, which can also be a poking tool
  • Can heat oils and dry material
  • Flexible straw
  • Auto shut off after 10 minutes
  • Fast heating times
  • 30 to 45 minutes of continuous use with a single charge
  • Evenly burns dry blends
  • Can also be used with liquid concentrates and other oils

 Cons – What You Probably Won’t Like

  • Maybe a little expensive for others
  • Some users report a slight taste of plastic or rubber
  • Lower bowl is a little difficult to clean and reach, making it hard to remove the used, burnt blend
  • May be difficult to hold because of the heat
  • The buttons seem to be placed in poor places, because of the possibility of getting burned

 Use with:

  • Oils
  • Dry blends

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