Dansko Women’s Professional Tolled Clog


Dansko women’s professional tolled clog has been launched for comforting the new generation. Women who stand for long hours on their foot are advised to pick a pair from this collection. Every shoe from Dansko’s collection comes with a polyurethane rocker-bottom sole, which is basically designed to protect the legs, back and the feet from the stress of walking or standing. The brand can be trusted and guarantees all-day support and comfort.

Dansko has been a leading brand in making clogs for the last twenty years. The brand believes that simple clogs could change lives for everyone who wear them. Apart from only making clogs for women, they also produce clogs for men and kids and guarantee that every pair of Dansko is infused with legendary all-day comfort and support. Dansko assures that every product must meet the standards for support, comfort, durability, fit and performance.

Stylish Clog

The Dansko tooled clog has a gorgeous tooling detail on its outer body. This clog is set in leather upper and is covered in beautiful embossed design. The tooled print on these clogs makes them interesting and fashionable than a typical plain brown shoe. The sole of this clog is man-made which makes it must buy in the market. Adding to its stylish features, this clog has a cupped heel that measures approximately of 2” and the platform measures approximately by 0.75”.  This clog comes in two attractive colours – brown/black to choose from:

Anti-Fatigue Rocker Bottom

This anti-fatigue rocker bottom clog keeps you going all day. This clog has all the comfort features the brand has come to be known for. To begin with, it has a moisture wick lining cushions and contours the leather insole with perforated arch support. Secondly, the contoured midsole provide balance to the foot. This avoids painful long hours of standing due to the heel. Lastly, the roomy toe box that allows toes to move comfortably and lets the feet breathe naturally.

Shock Absorbing Clog

Dansko is the only brand in the market that produces clogs that are shock absorbing which are equal to athletic shoes. Moreover, they are oil and slip resistant which makes it a casual everyday wear. These clogs are suitable a comforting anti-fatigue experience.


1.    Padded instep collar for comfort when walking

2.    Stylish, textured, full leather

3.    Wide heel for greater stability

4.    Breathable clog and foot bed for temperature control

5.    Natural leather sock lining for long wearing comfort


1.    Design wears off in a few months

2.    Size fitting problems

3.    Unavailability of colours to choose from

        Dansko as a brand specializes in comfort footwear. Fully owned by the employees, the brand focuses on providing maximum satisfaction through extrinsic research on product building and consumer interaction. The employees place themselves as consumers and design for themselves what they put into the market.

The Dansko Women’s Professional Tolled Clog is a product that keeps you going all day. With variety of attractive designs to choose from this clog comes with a number of advantages. Especially the anti fatigue rocker bottom that gives you an overall comfortable buying experience. The mix of the style and comfort is one that all aspire. Coupled with the innovative research and engineering of the product, it is of little wonder that the Tolled Clog is one of the best selling products in the market. The user satisfaction from the clogs is the ultimate award that the product is well endowed to have gained in abundance throughout the period of its availability.


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