Danny Gray Inflator Seat – More Comfort in the End

Danny Gray Inflator Motorcycle Seat with ROHO AIRHAWK Motorcycle Cushion

This revolutionary seat, created by Danny Gray, uses the clinically proven technology available in all ROHO products recessed into the foam of the seat. Only the rider will even know it’s there!

Less pain and fatigue on your ride means you can go longer. The Inflator Seat provides the utmost comfort and control.

Both front and rear sections of the seat are fully adjustable using two built-in bulb pumps.

Danny Gray Road King Inflator Seat w/ Built In AIRHAWK

Danny Gray FLST Inflator Seat w/ Built In AIRHAWK

Drawing of Danny Gray Inflator Seat with AIRHAWK Built In

Available for Purchase Through:
Drag Specialties – Danny Gray Inflator Seat

J&P; Cycles – Danny Gray Inflator Seat

*Currently available for Softail ’00-’06 and Road King ’97-’06.


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