Custom Ping Pong Paddles – The Basic Parts


Let’s get back to some basics first. After all, if you want to progress to custom paddles, you have got to know a bit of what you’re buying, Here is a quick rundown of the parts of  custom ping pong paddles.

custom ping pong paddles

customized ping pong paddles

  • The Blade –this is the basic structure of the paddle. It holds all the other stuff together. Comes in a wide variety of different thickness and weight and speed rating. For a good start, choose something that is light and easy on the hand while sturdy enough so it doesn’t compromise striking power.
  • The Handle – this is the rubber grip where you hold the paddle. This will solely depend on player preference. This depends on the playing style and may vary from player to player. It comes in different types such as flare, straight, conic, V-groove and custom anatomic. Don’t let this overwhelm you though. A good place to start would be straight handles if you’re still developing your game.
  • The Rubber – this is what mainly hits the ball and plays a vital role inthe physics of the game. It’s basically two parts – the sponge and the rubber topsheet. For beginners, choose smooth rubber surfaces or “pimples-in” as this provides a good all around game.
  • Glue – or speed glue as it issometimes called. It simply fastens the rubber to the blade. You can buy it on any table tennis shop out there. For attaching the rubber, you can ask assistance from your coach or the shop itself. Observe well and it can be pretty easy.

Ready Made vs. Custom Ping Pong Paddles

  • Pre-made paddles are usually a good start for novice players. If you’re just planning to take up ping-pong as a sport, it is best to place to start. There are many pre-made paddles that are fit for beginners and casual players.

The reason for pre-made paddles is that you really don’t have to worry about options anymore. It’s already glued with a basic rubber and sponge. There are numerous good starter paddles out there like ones made by Butterfly or Stiga. Pre-made paddles are generally cheaper compared to the sum of the parts if you’re going with custom paddles.  The only disadvantage of some pre-built paddles is that the rubber wears off relatively faster than custom built ones. Once it wears off, the rubber can’t be replaced most of the time. The only option left is to buy a new paddle or go custom.

custom ping pong paddles

custom ping pong paddles review

  • Custom ping pong paddleson the other hand are more expensive but more flexible in terms of upgradability. This requires you to buy a blade and the rubber separately. If you want to get in deeper, this can be further broken down to – the Blade and the handle as one, and the rubber topsheet and sponge as the other.
  • Aftermarket rubbers are more sturdy and durable enough to last for many games. They may be bought separately or together with a sponge. For beginners, stick with pre-package ones where in sponges are already standardized for that specific rubber. It will save you the time and effort trying to figure out which sponge and which rubber go together for a certain style of game.

As a general tip, it is best to start with smooth rubber and thin sponge. As you progress, you will get to know how you play. When this time comes, you may want to start experimenting on other combinations. Make sure you do your research first!  Remember that it’s your game that matters. Paddles must follow your game not the other way around. Going right to the most expensive and advance ones won’t help and you’ll just mess up your progress.

Taking Care of your Custom Ping Pong Paddles

Once you have progressed and made your first custom paddle, make sure it becomes a worthy investment by taking good care of it. That way it will last longer and will pay off for itself. It will save yourself money and give you more fun as you learn all the strokes. Custom parts are more expensive so make sure you consider your budget. Like as stated before, the most expensive isn’t always the best. Search for something that offers good performance at a justifiable price.

While allocating your budget, it is worth if you have some for a nice case for your custom ping pong paddles.It protects the frame of the blade as well as the rubber from scratches during travel and protects them from dust when not in use. It can also have space for spare balls and a spare paddle. Some custom rubbers come with a special sheet that you can cover the paddle with when not in use to protect from moisture and dirt. If not you can buy one as well. There are many types to choose from so just pick what fits.

custom ping pong paddles

custom made ping pong paddles

During play, you will be having yourself a pretty good exercise and the paddle will receive a hefty punishment of its own as well – especially the rubber. Every after a game it is vital that you clean and dry your paddles and store them well. Never let dirt accumulate long as this will help degrade the rubber and reduce friction making you lose control of the ball during games.

There are special cleaning kits and agents out there for paddle rubbers but it isn’t really necessary if you’re still starting out. A good old sponge and water will do. A mild detergent will also help in disinfection – a few drops in water is enough. Make sure the sponge is soft and soak it into your home-made solution and wipe the dirt and sweat from your rubber. Don’t forget to soak the handle as well. When drying just place in under room temperature and not under sunlight or direct heat as this will expand rubber molecules and increase degradation time. The same applies with storage; once dry, store in a case and in room temperature.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave a comment andshare it with friends. Follow these simple tips and you’re on your way making the most out of your custom ping pong paddles!


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