Ever since those cupcake trees in person? If not, you will not feel the awesomeness in having stacks of beautiful cupcakes being arranged to attempt you in breaking whatever new year diet resolution you have. These cupcakes trees are easy to make. If you don’t know how, there are lots of tutorials to teach your how to make cupcake trees. In this article, we will showcase some of the more interesting cupcake tree ideas so that you know how to make yours really special!

#1: A tree shaped cupcake stand

You can literally make your display your cupcakes on a beautiful tree shaped cupcake stand.  These are not easy to buy online but I found that you can buy one from.

#2: Mini round cupcake tree

If you want something smaller so that the entire decorations make so elegant, you can go for mini round cupcake tree design. The advantage of such a display is the elegant of the design. The downside is the limited space for holding cupcakes. On average, such a slim design might not hold more than 100 cupcakes unless they are mini cupcakes.

#3 Theme based cupcake tree

For special occasions such as birthdays or weddings, you can go for theme based cupcake trees. The benefit of using a theme is that it will definitely surprise the person that you can celebrating for. If it is your child, I am sure they will love such a decorative piece being placed in your birthday parties.  The above is an example for a girl i.e. a Hello Kitty cupcake tree idea.

#4: Hanging cupcake tree

I have never any cupcake tree design that is more elaborated than this. The maker literally hangs every cupcake on something that looks like a ribbon. It is truly an enchanting piece of cupcake tree design that is suitable for an event like wedding or engagement party.


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