Cummins Onan Marine Generators For Sale QD 7.5


Looking for marine generators for sale, we suggest the Cummins Onan Marine Generator Marine QD 7.5 because it is a leader of its kind in the industry of generators. These are some of the most advanced marine generators on the market. They are designed to simplify the sport of boating. Cummins Onan digital generator series have QD models. This means quiet Diesel.

Smart diagnostic information and smart power are some of the features that come with this model. The system is self-monitoring and information is supplied by its flexible network communications. This allows sailors to enjoy problem free boating.

User-friendly diagnostics are provided on the digital display of this model. Some of this information includes self-protection features, engine and alternator information and text display. They also have the most comprehensive dealer/distributor dealer network in the power generator industry. Technology is implemented for the purposes of minimizing vibration and sounds.

Another fantastic feature is the electronic frequency control. This is imperative for computers and digital appliances that require quality power. These Cummins Onan marine generators for sale are emissions certified in accordance with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

These quiet diesel types are the first of their kind due to its network communication and self monitoring capability. Transferring the five-year warranty to the new owner is no problem. This machine comes with in excess of seventy years of experience and expertise.

These marine generators for sale are rugged and dependable machines. It features high coolant temperature low oil pressure, over speed / voltage, no raw water flow. The switch, which offers a start, run and stop function, also has a glow plug preheat and fuel pump. This ensures easy starting of the motor. This also makes the starting process cleaner and it has an automatic starter-disconnecting device. The AC alternator is single phase and has both dual and single voltages. The oil fill is front panel and you are able to check the level. The Cummins Onan Marine Generator Marine QD 7.5 has it all and is necessary for all serious boating fans.

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