Cummins Diesel Generator 250KVA


The Cummins diesel generator 250KVA is a popular choice when it comes to a reliable power supply. This device has many different benefits and features that a person can take into consideration and some of these are as followed.

The Cummins 250KVA is an ideal power supply for many large projects. This device has been made to be diesel run and has soundproof operation. It is said to be a suitable choice for island resorts, construction sites and forest projects.

This large power source has been designed with a dimension span of 2500 by 1000 by 1600mm and weighs a heavy 2900kg. It comes with a frequency of 50Hz and has a rpm of 1500. It also consists of a standby power of 220KW to 275KVA with a voltage of 400V and 230V. This is beneficial for a stronger power supply that will last a long while.

This power device has an engine that is turbo charged as well as air cooled. It also has a fuel consumption of 210g kw. H and a spray pattern that is EFC, PT direct injection, as well as a starting voltage of 24 voltage DC. This fuel consumption makes up for the amount of power that it can produce which is beneficial for keep a supply to larger populated areas.

Manufactured in China by the Kaijieli Group. LTD, this power supply device has an ambient temperature of around -15C -55C and also has a single bearing rotor, as well as a clockwise rotation of the fly wheel. This device has been specifically designed to last and is able to withstand tough conditions.

The Cummins diesel generator 250KVA is vastly becoming popular for a major populated area or working power supply. With many of the benefits that come with these power devices it is easy to see why many major businesses are turning towards these for better backup supplies.

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