Cuisinart Soup Maker Reviews


Have you ever prepared soup in a kettle? Almost every family has a blender, kettle and saucepan. Soup maker has functions of an electric kettle and blender. Who may need a set of functions in one device?

Lets look attentively at pros and contras.

Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker`s design suits into any style of the kitchen. It is stylish in black and doesn`t require a lot of place. Soup maker has 1000W power. The high quality glass jar has a 1.4L hot capacity and 1.75 l of cold. It comes with cool touch handle and has measurement on its walls. You can make enough soup for up to four servings at once.

Do not put too much food in the bowl, pay attention to icons “min” and “max”. But even if there are too much products in the bowl, don`t worry about that. Soup or cocktail, or mashed potatoes never pour over the edge. Soup maker just will not turn on until the volume is not ideal.

The control panel in the base of the unit is easy to work with. Soup, soup puree and blender. You can choose low, medium or high heating regimes and four blending modes plus pulse one. A Digital timer can be set manually. You spend exactly 10 minutes on preparing vegetables, and the device makes the rest of the work itself during the next 20-25 minutes.

Rapid heating element & non-stick cooking plate browns vegetables, boils liquids and simmers soups.

The chopping knife has six blades. It works great as a blender. Sauces, sweet cocktails, pancake batter, baby food – the appliance makes it all in minutes. Blender is perfect for mashed potatoes as it grinds, not whips.

The lid consists of two parts and separate measuring cup. It is possible to add necessary components during the cooking process. You can be sure that there won`t be spills or leaks around.

The book with an original and simple recipes is included. The recipes differ from a smooth roast tomato and basil to a chunky chicken and sweet corn as well as some inspirational ideas such as butternut squash. The soup looks very impressive: it seems it is a restaurant dish. Besides, soups are prepared without oil and the stage of “frying” that a healthy diet fans will appreciate. 

Cuisinart is the one having Self clean feature. Just add some cleaning liquid, water and push the button. It`s a pity, but you have to re-wash it yourself some times. Don`t be afraid, it’s not as difficult as it happens with the multicast technique.

Soup maker can be an interesting acquisition for those who make their first steps in the culinary and who do not have time to cook, or have no kitchen with a stove but want to eat healthy, tasty, varied and, most important, do not eat cold food.

Soup maker will help the young mothers. The liquid does not boil, the temperature is controlled automatically, and meal does not run away. When it is ready the Soup maker will turn off itself. You have a lot of time for your child. And your child has fresh blended meal.

As we can see, there is no contras to this device. It does everything for you. Put products there, click on the button and take care of your business. Compact and not very heavy, it can travel with you and help to cook food. In short, the soup maker is the kitchen, which is always with you.

Enjoy your soup!



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