Cuisinart Cuisinart SmartPower 7-Speed Electronic Blender


When you need a blender it needs to be one that will get the job done, so read carefully before deciding to buy this blender. How many times have you tried to prepare frozen drinks that still have chunks of ice in them? You don’t have to let this happen to you. This blender is ok for occasionally crushing ice and mixing drinks, but based on the online reviews I not would expect this one to be around for the long haul. For the price, it is versatile for light tasks in the kitchen that you need to do such as making graham cracker crumbs. But this may not be the blender with all the power for your needs.

SmartPower 7-Speed Electronic Blender in Black

On the bright side the Cuisinart SmartPower 7-speed electronic blender in black will look great in your kitchen or home bar. You may find that once you use this blender you will want one for each of these rooms. The sleek Italian design and color will fit into any decor with ease. You can look forward to all the oohs and ahhs that you will get from family and friends.

This blender does it all; it blends, purees, chops, mixes and even liquefies. You can have crushed ice at the push of a button. Yes, it has an ice crush button so no guess work here. One aspect of this blender that is different than most is the pulse action which can be used at any of the seven speeds. This is a wonderful feature with foods that are somewhat harder to blend.

Easy Care?

This blender’s pitcher is not the easiest to clean and to take care of as it has some extra nooks and crannies around the blade assembly. But, just wipe the housing unit with a damp cloth. You can then dry it so there is no streaking. You will find the touchpad controls with an indicator light to be easy to access. The forty ounce glass jar comes out of the unit for to allow for cleaning and more compact storage. The heavy duty glass jar used in the housing is one that resists chipping and cracking. There are several negative reviews about how the pitcher is difficult to pour from without making a mess. Maybe Cuisinart will improve the pitcher design soon to resolve this issue.

It does have a lid that forms a tight seal when the blender is on. This lid even has a two ounce measure built in.

For safety it is recommended that you keep your hand on top of the blender lid while it is running. Never try to put a utensil in the blender when it is on. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use with this blender. An instruction and a recipe book are included with your purchase. There are a lot of other recipes that can be found for great dishes that you will use your new blender with.

Again for the price you will be getting some decent features and decent looking blender, but this is not one I would recommend for long-term use. If you are just looking for a lower cost blender for the lake house or your RV, this one may fit your budget or fit a short term need.

Take a look a for yourself at Amazon
and read the reviews of other blenders in the same price range.

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