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If you have ever had to sit through a loss of power due to storms, then you know how nice it is to have a generator on hand. If you like to go camping or go on other outdoor excursions, then you also know how nice it is to have a portable generator. However, taking care of a generator is important. Do you know which Honda portable generator parts need the most attention?

One important part of a generator is a transfer switch. Without a transfer switch, you will have an unsafe operation of your generator. You can find the right switch for your home through the dealer that you bought you generator from. You will run the risk of fire and ruining your generator without one.

Many times, your power may go out during snow storms. This would be the time to have a remote starter for a generator. You will be able to sit in the house and start it. This is nice, especially if a lot of snow has fallen. Making sure that your generator is equipped and set up for remote engine starting is necessary.

The battery in your generator is the life line in it working. You can get battery accessories that will help you in maintaining a battery and its charge. Some of these are called tenders. Check with the dealer that sold you your generator for these kinds of Honda portable generator parts.

You can get a few things to help you in having an easier time in using your generator. You might choose a cart to roll it on. Some generators weigh a good bit and lifting them to another location during a storm will be hard. You might also choose to include a DC cord that will enable you to also charge your car battery. You might like to have a parallel kit that will allow you to hook two of the same model generators together for additional power.

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