Cross Crunch Ab Machine Review

cross crunch ab machine Cross Crunch Ab Machine Review

The Cross Crunch Ab Machine is a product designed to give your entire abdomen a workout in one motion.  You can sit and use this device from the comfort of your home as you are watching television.  You use this machine by crunching down and then across, giving your entire midsection the workout it needs to be toned and flat.

If you are looking into buying this product, it is always a good idea to see what other consumers who have purchased it have had to say, and what results they have gotten from their use of it.  You work hard for the money you have to spend, so part of being a smart consumer is knowing the facts.

What is the experience of Cross Crunch Ab Machine customers?

Customers who have purchased the Cross Crunch Ab Machine, find the product easy to use.  Many people do not have the time to hit the gym three or four days a week, making this product ideal for a person who needs to multitask as they workout.

This product is also good for people with back problems who cannot do traditional floor crunches because of the strain it puts on their backs.  Since this product is used sitting in a chair, it takes away the back strain that sometimes occurs for those people who find floor crunches uncomfortable or even painful.

Cross Crunch Ab Machine Complaints?

Another compliment that is pretty consistent with this product, is the adjustable resistance feature.  This allows the person using it to make their workout as intense or as easy as they choose, based on their fitness level.  If a person starts to find the resistance too easy, they can always increase it giving them self more of a challenge.  The Cross Crunch Ab Machine is also complimented on its affordability.  If you want to get in shape on a budget, this product is a good option.  Lastly, this product seems to get very good results for people seeking a flatter and more toned stomach region.

On the downside, this product is probably not for serious athletes who are already in really good shape.  The Cross Crunch Ab Machine, is better for somebody looking to tone, and lose weight, rather than somebody who is already in really good shape.  The complaint seems to be in these cases that the machine does not challenge them enough, and  they feel as though they wasted their money.  It is also good to note that because the product is so affordable, that it may not be the most durable one of the market, so handle it with care if you do decide to purchase this product.

Overall Rating

The majority of customers who have purchased the Cross Crunch Ab Machine, have been satisfied with their purchase.  This machine is also recommended by many personal trainers for their clients who are working on slimming down their waistline and toning up the flab in their stomach region.  It is important to remember that no product will ever get a perfect review, so it is up to you the consumer to read what other people have said, and make a good decision based on the facts you have gathered researching ways to get your stomach from flabby to toned and flat.


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