Crocs Women Mercy Clog


The Crocs Mercy clog is suitable for both, work as well as play. Comparatively to other clogs, this clog can we worn casually or even at work. Roomy by design, the clog provides generous room all around the foot. The technology by which the clog is made makes it a must buy in the market.

Hand-made sole

The Mercy Clog series are especially handmade. The personally made Croc Lock treated sole gives a non-slip grip. It is a custom design that is best suitable for work environments like school, healthcare, hospitality, laboratories and more. The heel of this clog measures about 1” approximately and the platform measure ½” approximately.


Since the need of hygiene to your feet is important, it was considered imperative that the anti-microbial technology be used in the making of these shoes. The anti-microbial technology has the dual benefit of maintaining hygiene of the wearer as well as of the workplace. Considering the fact that most long-hour jobs are needed in places with increased sensitivity towards hygiene, including hospitals and restaurants, it is important that the shoes of the workers are not a source of infection.

Odour Resistant

A bane that comes with wearing shoes for long hours is the odour in the feet. The repugnant smell after removing the shoes makes the wearer think twice before wearing shoes, which cover the whole feet. However, the Crocs Mercy Clogs have the unique feature of being odour resistant making them a preference choice for the user.

Tiny Nubs along the foot bed

Continuous wearing of the shoes while sitting, standing or walking tends to tire the feet at fast speeds. The closed shape of the clogs makes them even more susceptible to tiring the feet in a short span of time. To work around this feature and improve the comfort the shoes have been designed for, Crocs has had the unique idea of adding tiny nubs along the foot bed of the shoes. The benefit of having these tiny nubs at the foot bed is that they continuously massage the sole of the foot, reducing the chances of the feet tiring even if the shoes are worn for long hours of standing and walking.


1.    Variety of colour to choose from (Brown/Black/White)

2.    Roomy fit for maximum comfort

3.    Arch support and foot bed

4.    Easy to clean & odour resistant

5.    Slip resistant treads.

6.    Lightweight


1.   Stiff fitting

2.   Not attractive

3.   Sweaty feet, not breathable

4.   Not enough support.

The brand name of these shoes is one of the major USP of the product. Crocs have become a household name within the world, with people growing to trust the brand over the years. The innovation of the brand in providing comfort and durability is renowned in the market and Crocs has done it again with the Mercy Clog as well.

The Croc Women’s Mercy Clog is the perfect shoe for women who spend long hours on their feet. These easy to clean clogs are designed to provide increased efficiency and the technology that comes along with this pair guarantees a stress free work life. The engineering gone into the shoes has ensured that the shoes are the epitome of comfort and definite reliability.

The chef’s in America have awarded the Mercy Clog with ‘Gold Seal’ at the World Culinary Championship for “Most Comfortable Work Shoe”. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) accepts some Croc work shoes with the Seal of Acceptance for allowing normal foot to function and promote good foot health. The awards certify what we already know.


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