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CPS Telecom

CPS Telecom Limited is slowly establishing itself as one of the leaders in the manufacture of two-way communication devices. The company has its finger on the pulse of the consumers, always listening in and adapting to changes in this constantly evolving, and competitive industry.

Their story started in 1978, with the predecessor Concord Paging System Limited, a most reputable manufacturer of paging devices in China. Their products were sold and shipped all over the world, earning the company a hefty yearly income. After joint venture business maneuvers with well-known manufacturers from all over the world, in 2011 CPS bought back the shares of its parent company, merging once again into a single legal entity.

They have since devoted their time and money to manufacturing the best communication equipment money can buy, founding research centers and employing hundreds of experts. Every year they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and their steadily growing sales are confirming that the customers are more than satisfied with what they are coming up with. Take a look below and read some of our expert reviews of CPS Telecom Limited walkie-talkies that will guide you through the unique features and advantages that they offer!‚Äč

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