CPS CP183 Walkie-Talkie Review


CPS Telecom Limited hits the nail on the head once again, this time with their CP183 model, a walkie-talkie made especially for business users. Its state of the art, compact design makes it ideal for business owners and employees, as it is easy to carry around, does not interfere with other work equipment and it’s extremely reliable! You will see retailers using it, as well as a restaurant and school employees, and construction workers!

It operates on 22 channels, and at frequencies between 462.55-467.7125MHz. All devices are pre-programmed to the said frequency before they leave the factory floor, so that is one problem less to concern yourself with! This product is available in two standard colors, black and red, as it is predominantly sold to business owners who need functional devices, without the added bells and whistles.​Check Price on Amazon

Features of the CPS CP183

  • Rechargeable batteries and charger included – By ordering this product you will also get rechargeable batteries and a charger! This comes in very handy when you are on a trip and need a fast, sure way of recharging your devices, and you would be surprised to know how many manufacturers do not bother to include batteries into their package!
  • Voice operated – If you are busy working with your hands, and simply cannot for the life of you drop things to press that annoying PPT button, do not fret! This device comes with handy voice operation software that eliminates the need for manual handling.
  • Keypad lock – You will never send out random, gibberish messages from your pocket with this device as it features a single button keypad lock that you can use to safeguard from that!
  • Battery saver – The device goes on battery saver mode as soon as you stop using it actively, so it conserves power for when you actually need it. This comes in handy if you cannot get to your charger immediately, or have to work a day-long shift.

Advantages of the CPS CP183

  • Easy to use – The intuitive button design simplifies things dramatically, cutting out unnecessary bells and whistles, and giving you an easy to use device that is both practical and powerful! All necessary components are in there, but they are easy to find and set up!
  • Compact design – Sleek and compact, this device is very lightweight and small, so it will easily fit in your hand without disrupting your day-to-day work. You can also clip it to your clothes, and always have it handy.
  • USB adaptor included – This device comes with a USB adaptor included so charging it will be a breeze! You can even charge it outdoors; just remember to pack a portable charger!

It is a shame that this device is sold without a compatible pair, but you can always order several, one for everyone on your work crew! Be advised that it works best within a two-mile radius, and surpassing its operating limits might make communication difficult. For best results use it in close quarters.

Bottom Line​

This is a great device for business owners who have to keep in constant communication with their workers. It works great in a limited radius, and comes with features that will enable you and your crew to keep in constant touch while working hard! It is an affordable piece of equipment that will save you time and money in the long run so make sure you order it as soon as you can!​

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