Countertop Water Coolers


With the provision for both hot and cold water dispensing, tabletop water dispensers prove to be the perfect foil for any and every setting that requires regular supply of clean drinking water for beverage drinks.

Further, with the ability to blend in with settings, such as matching colors with the surrounding ambiance, these countertop water dispensers also add to the overall appeal of any setting in which they are placed.

The Mechanism of Countertop Water Coolers

Countertop water dispensers work on the mechanism of an adjustable cold water thermostat; since the thermostat has the ability to adjust temperature as set, the water in these coolers in turn can be turned into varying degrees of heats and cools, as per preferences. Further, modern day bottled water coolers are reasonably energy efficient, to the extent that they minimize power consumption. Thus you may have your countertop ice water dispenser working all day and yet not run up inflated energy bills.

The Unique Benefits of Hot & Cold Water Dispensers


The most obvious advantage of any counter water chiller is its ability to provide water at desired temperatures; so whether you are yearning for chilled water on a really hot day or are seeking filtered hot water for your coffee maker machine to warm yourself up with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate on a damp, chilly evening, these countertop dispensers could prove to be exactly what you are looking for. That said, the benefits of these hot and cold beverage dispensers do not end there; a lot of them also have the intuitive ability to purify water of all its impurities, thus functioning as a drinking water purifiers and filters.

Moreover, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, these tabletop coolers can form a perfect accessory to just about any setting. Also, with no complicated technology or mechanism involved, using these dispensers turns out to be an absolute breeze.

Finally, just in case space happens to be a constraint, such as in small condos, you actually get wall-mounted versions of these coolers; in a tightly packed setting, like office kitchen, a countertop wall mount dispenser many just be what you are looking for!

Aspects to Look for in Tabletop Water Coolers

While buying water coolers, you must cross-check aspects such as its maintenance and also do a double check on the material from which it is made, especially the inner container which will actually contain the water you will be consuming.

With regard to maintenance, check for the provision of a removable drip tray which will make cleaning a whole lot easier. In dispensers with a filtration mechanism, maintenance also mandates that you periodically change the inner filter. Depending on the quality of water that you receive (from the mains) or put into the dispenser (from a bottle), you would also need to do a thorough cleaning of the dispenser from the inside in order to remove traces of mineral content or scale build-up.

Price Range

You could get a basic countertop water cooler with hot and cold water provision for under $80 on the Amazon Marketplace. On the other end of the spectrum, a fully loaded tabletop water cooler with hot and cold water provision along with water filtration thrown in would cost you over $500 on the Amazon Marketplace. Broadly though, you can be assured that you will find a variety of models between these two price ranges, especially around the $350 mark.

Best Countertop Water Cooler Brands

Oasis offers a wide range of countertop water coolers with numerous features and benefits. Both its “ONYX” and “ONYX CT” series are popular amongst aficionados of counter top water coolers. The temperature on these coolers can be adjusted exactly as per personal preferences. The inner reservoir is made of stainless steel that ensures the water does not end up having any kind of odor usually witnessed in the case of plastic inner reservoirs.

Further, separate LED lights clearly indicate when the unit is functioning as well as the actual dispensing area of the hot and cold countertop dispenser. The provision of a removable drip tray which is dishwasher safe also ensures that the area around the cooler remains clean.

Broadly, if you are looking for high-quality, long-lasting countertop water dispensers do look at the entire Onyx hot and cold countertop range.

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