Cougar Fleshlight Review


Nina Hartley Cougar Fleshlight Review


The Cougar Fleshlight is like helping your friend’s hot mom with something, and her repaying the favor with her ass. The two primary features of the Cougar Fleshlight are the long ribbed section and the string of large bumps. These two features run the entire length of the canal. The ribbed section stretches 270 degrees around the canal and the string of large bumps intersects. This design is repetitive but effective. Not all fleshlights need to have overwhelming variety like the Destroya fleshlight to be stimulating. The long ribbed section numbs your member with pleasure as they ripple past while the bumps offer a relief from sensual implosion.


The key to enjoying this fleshlight is to focus on the effects of the cross ribbed section and the string of large bumps working together. Once you are able to mentally tell which part of yourself is hitting which, you will enjoy the full throttle of the Cougar Fleshlight. If you are one that craves variety, then maybe this fleshlight is not for you because of its repetitive structure. However, the two structures present work very well together to provide a unique hybrid experience between bumpy fleshlights and cross ribbed fleshlights. The intensity with the cougar fleshlight is not overwhelming and not underwhelming. If you are a fan of cross ribbed or bumps, you will find it hard to last very long inside this animal. The tightness of the cougar fleshlight is moderate, and the canal does not widen or begin to close at any point, just a consistent width throughout. If you are big fan of tightness, then you should consider getting a fleshlight more geared towards that need. The Cougar fleshlight is not “loose” by any means (if you are looking for “loose” check out our Fleshlight Quickshot Review), it just does not specifically cater towards being especially tight. Our booty fleshlight review explains why these two fleshlights feel similar.


Our Cougar Fleshlight review reveals that this is an all-around fleshlight, which can suit most needs. The reason why we like this fleshlight is because of its simplicity and adaptability to many needs without having one specific feature dominate the structure. This fleshlight will live up to your expectations of fucking that milf who you chat with every time you check out a book at the library. For our Cougar Fleshlight Review, we award this Fleshlight an overall score of 7/10.


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