Cotton Work Gloves


Cotton work gloves for inspection and other industrial work are valuable and dependable protective hand gloves.

Physical labor can be really tough on your hands, and depending upon the job you may need protection.  Few things can provide the same level of comfort, as well as stability that cotton work gloves provide.  They allow your hands to breathe, while still protecting your skin, making for a comfortable but effective alternative to other glove types.  They are great for use in the garden, and even small construction projects when heavy or jagged objects need to be carried.  Although they aren’t ideal for all jobs, cotton work gloves can handle the little tasks better than any other type on the market.

The main thing will be choosing the right type of cotton work gloves for you.  The advantage of cotton is that it is remarkably soft and pliable to any task that you need to complete around your home.  Plus cotton work gloves are also fairly cheap, making them a great alternative to more expensive gloves.  With this type there’s no need to worry if a pair tears, or you get a hole in your glove, you can simply go purchase another pair.  But you’ll need to target your gloves to the job that you need carried out, because not all types offer the same protection.  Depending upon what you’ll be doing, you need gloves target specifically for that purpose.

For gardening, you’ll want  cotton work gloves that also feature better palm and finger protection.  Usually this means rubber, or plastic protection on the outside of the glove.  This is helpful when pulling weeds, or pruning hedges and flower beds so that harmful thorns can’t get through the glove to your hand.  Not having this extra protection can be a recipe for disaster, as thorns and thistles will be able to easily slip through the glove and into your hand.  That can be painful, and every gardener wants to avoid that.  So remember, for garden work, you want cotton work gloves specially target for that purpose.

For practically any other task like woodworking, or most forms of yard work, standard cotton work gloves will suffice.  These don’t feature any special protection, but simply offer sturdy construction so that your hands will remain protected against anything that you’ll be facing.  These are hand from protecting against the splinters or cuts that you could suffer when carrying lumber.  Plus they can help you get a better grip on any tool that you are using.  Plus standard cotton work gloves can be purchased in affordable large packages, so you’ll always have a spare pair on hand.

When you’re looking to buy any type of cotton work gloves, the best place to go is always going to be a hardware store.  Retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s always have plenty of gloves for any purpose, so that you can find the right type to make the job easier, while keeping yourself protected.  Typically garden gloves are a little more expensive than other types, and they can cost $5 to $10 per pair.  But standard cotton work gloves are much cheaper, and can be found in packages of 6-12 pairs for about the same price.


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