Core Workout for Women


You’ve made up your mind that you are finally going to get that six pack you have always dreamed of. If your plan includes starving yourself while you do multiple sets of sit-ups, it’s time to reconsider your options. You need help that only a good core workout for women can give you.

Your abdominal muscles are a part of your core muscles, as are the rest of those in the trunk of your body. They give you the strength and stability to function whether it’s going for a five-mile run or cooking dinner. Every action requires the use of your core muscles and keeping them in their best shape will only improve every other aspect of your fitness.

Your oblique and lower abdominal muscles are the ones that are responsible for the six pack you are dreaming of. A core workout for women can give you the tools to get these muscles toned and defined so that they have the appearance you want. The reason you will want to find a core workout that is designed specifically for women is that women have different needs than men. Many of those workouts for men involve the use of heavy weights that you don’t need for your workout.

Some of the best workouts available for women these days are those that are performed on a stability ball. There are also stability ball workouts that are designed for men so, again, it is important to find a core stability ball workout that is designed for women. Using a ball for balance engages more of your core muscles and gives you a greater range of motion so that you can extend further and increase the benefits of your routine.

You should understand that while a core workout for women will give you the tools to firm and define your abs that it will not eliminate the fatty layer that may be covering your belly. You will need to do other types of exercises to help you burn excess fat and to improve your cardiovascular system. Walking, or if you are more advanced, running can give you a good workout that requires no equipment other than a good pair of shoes and you can do it almost anywhere. A good core workout for women can get you started to a six pack abdomen but until you get rid of excess fat, you won’t ever know it!


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