Copper Wear Review


Muscle soreness can be a bother and keep you from enjoying your day to day life. Fortunately, there are studies that have shown that the application of pressure to joints and muscles increases circulation, oxygen flow, speeds up recovery, prevents swelling, and improves movement to provide tangible relief.

In addition, all of these benefits can be achieved with the use of compression sleeves and other similar garments. Therefore, if you are suffering from aching ankles or sore elbows, Copper Wear garments can help.

Check out the rest of this Copper Wear review to help you decide if this type of garment is right for you.

What is Copper Wear?

Copper Wear is a compression garment line, promoted by As Seen on TV that is supposed to conform to the contours of the body in order to increase circulation and support your joints. Also, these garments also contain the added benefit of copper that is embedded directly into the fabric.

There are many proven benefits of this mineral such as a reputation as an anti-microbial agent and the ability to help keep you dry and cool.

Copper Wear offers an extensive variety of compression wear that includes t-shirts shorts, socks, sleeves, and more. In addition, all of their products are machine washable and range in size from small to 2X.

They are also manufactured using Copper Wear’s GCOOL performance fabric which is designed to control temperature, moisture, UV exposure, and bacteria levels without using harsh chemicals.

Therefore, these garments can be worn all day long, even while sleeping, to soothe muscle stiffness and improving blood circulation.

Benefits of Copper Wear

Copper Wear Performance fabric is designed to give you compression when you need it and the flexibility that allow you to move the way that you want.

Benefits include:

  • They are designed for everyone
  • Absorbs and releases moisture quickly
  • Contains more copper than other compression garments
  • Soft fabric
  • Can be worn while asleep
  • Offers relief to sore muscles
  • Machine washable
  • Contours to body curves
  • Reduces odor
  • Thermo control

The Bottom Line

Copper Wear compression garments provide joint pain relief to virtually every part of your body that is plaguing you with discomfort. However, in our experience, Copper Fit is actually a better product overall and we recommend going with that brand instead. Not that Copper Wear is bad, we just found that Copper Fit provides more relief.


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