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Copper Chef Pan Versus Red Copper Pan

A frying pan is any cook’s essential companion. Able to perform a variety of functions, these kitchen essentials are the most commonly used cookware piece in any home or restaurant. Of course, because they’re subject to a lot of use, they’re the most easily replaced mainly because of the damage, wear, and tear they usually sustain. So there’s no wondering why these pieces of cookware get tossed out and replaced soon after they’re purchased.

If you’re tired of having to deal with a busted pan, it’s time you made an investment. There are some pretty sturdy options on the market that promise to last you several long years – even if they’re subjected to daily use and abuse. What’s more, some of these pans also promise to ease other kitchen functions like the cooking itself and clean up so you can better enjoy the time you spend in front of the stove.

Wondering which pans are really taking over the market? The Copper Chef pan and the Red Copper pan are both top notch choices that have won over the hearts of countless consumers from around the world. Find out which one of these two options is the right one for you by reading over our comprehensive product comparison.

The Copper Chef Brand

Developed by the successful chef, television personality, and restaurant owner Eric Theiss, this brand of cookware was designed to make preparing big meals a breeze. The Copper Chef line of kitchen essentials takes pride in its high quality pieces that are built with durable materials for the purpose of taking on the brunt of daily use.

Each piece features a 5-layer construction that promises optimal heat distribution to evenly cook ingredients every time. The pieces also feature a Cerami-Tech coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface. This is much more effective than Teflon, and is also much easier to clean.

In terms of appearances, the Copper Chef line is definitely a front runner. The sophisticated design boasts a solid copper exterior and interior, that sets the Copper Chef cookware pieces apart from others in the market. This elegant design makes them perfect for keeping proudly on display in your kitchen, and also makes it possible to use them as serving dishes themselves.

The Copper Chef Pan

There are several reasons why the Copper Chef pan has made it as one of the best pans on the market based on consumer reviews. For starters, the pan’s 5-layer construction make it highly effective at perfectly distributing heat across the cooking surface, so you can be sure that your food is evenly cooked every single time.

Its square shape allows it to accommodate more ingredients in different shapes and sizes to make the cooking process much easier. With a 9.5 inch diameter, the pan can cook whole chickens with ease.

With a riveted stainless steel handle, you can easily handle the pan without fear of getting burnt. The tempered glass lid also features a similar stainless steel handle that makes use both same and hassle-free.

Heat resistant up to 850°F, the Copper Chef pan can be used to sear, roast, and grill a variety of meats without worrying about the heat capacity of your pan. In fact, the Copper Chef brand boasts one of the highest temperature capacities on the market, leaving most other competitors in the dust.

Pros of the Copper Chef Pan

  • Durable design makes it perfect for daily use without worrying about wear and tear.
  • Non-stick Cerami-Tech surface makes both cooking and cleaning easy and problem-free.
  • Solid copper aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to your dinner table and to your kitchen in general.
  • Riveted handle makes it easier and safer to handle the pan even straight from the stove.
  • Square shape is perfect for accommodating a variety of ingredients.
  • Sufficient pan surface area allows users to cook more food in a single go.

Cons of the Copper Chef Pan

  • Non-stick surface can peel off with time or poor maintenance. Ensuring proper care and cleaning will make the coating last much longer.

The Red Copper Brand

Endorsed by Cathy Mitchell – a prominent chef, author, and television personality in the United States – the Red Copper brand was developed for those who don’t want to deal with the clean-up required after cooking. The brand uses a different material combination to achieve durability and to help with the non-stick properties of the pan.

Using ceramic and reinforced copper, this line of cookware promises to stay damage free as long as it’s used properly – regardless of the frequency of use.

Heat resistance for the Red copper line of cookware stops at around 500°F. Of course, it doesn’t really come close to Copper Chef’s 800°F, but it still does pretty well compared to other options on the market.

The Red Copper Pan

The Red Copper Pan comes in two different sizes – the 10 inch pan and the 12 inch pan. They’re round shaped like traditional pans, which is what draws many consumers to them because they offer a familiar feel and usage.

Each pan comes fitted with a riveted stainless steel handle, but the 12 inch version also features a second handle opposite the side of the long handle to make it easier and safer to transfer from stovetop to table.

The appearance of the Red Copper pan doesn’t fall too far behind the Copper Chef pan though, and even adds a unique twist for buyers who want something more eye-catching. The pan’s exterior is a polished red color which can add a touch of character and style to your kitchen or dinner table. This makes it particularly ideal if you’re after a certain aesthetic.

Of course, much like the Copper Chef pan, this pan isn’t immune to damage. The non-stick coating can be damaged, so it’s important to make sure you take care of the Red Copper pan properly to prevent any dents and scratches.

Pros of the Red Copper Pan

  • 2 different sizes to meet the needs of various users and buyers.
  • Extra handle on the bigger version makes it safer and easier to use and handle.
  • Round pan shape is traditional, familiar, and simple, perfect for buyers who want a no-frills pan that’s more like typical pans on the market.
  • Red exterior adds a touch of character to the pan, perfect for keeping it on display or for using as a serving dish.
  • Non-stick coating is much more effective than typical Teflon, making it easier to slide food of the pan and clean the piece after use.

Cons of the Red Copper Pan

  • Not compatible with induction cooktops thus making them impractical for some households.
  • Doesn’t come with a tempered glass lid.
  • Non-stick coating is easier to damage compared to the Copper Chef pan.

Which One is For You?

Now you might be wondering – how can you choose between these two top-notch choices? It all boils down to what you expect from your cookware piece.

The Copper Chef is definitely the choice for you if you want to be able to perform a variety of cooking methods and styles with more ingredients. The square shape allows the pan to accommodate more, and the high temperature allows users to pop the pan in the oven to roast, grill, and bake without worry.

The Red Copper pan on the other hand, is your typical run-of-the-mill pan with added durability, style, and efficiency. Of course, its non-stick coating isn’t impervious to damage, but is there really a pan that can withstand the onslaught of time and abuse?

Be sure to check out these two great options if you’re looking for the best pan for your kitchen and buy yourself a worthy kitchen essential that won’t fall short of your expectations.


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