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Various types of arthritis can affect people of any age, and any walk of life. This condition makes household tasks difficult, and it can seriously diminish the enjoyment of hobbies, and past times. Frequently those who experience the pain and stiffness of arthritis in their hands and fingers wish they had some way to strengthen their hands, which would also sooth the pain at the same time. This is the function of Copper Hands.

Working like a support glove they offer help in opening jars, using knives, or turning doorknobs. Copper Hands also aids with circulation and provides comfort even as they support the joints of the hands and fingers. Compression gloves are known to help with support, but unlike others, these gloves are infused with cooper. The open fingertip design and breathable fabric allows for sensitive tasks such as typing, using scissors, or playing video games. Along with support the traction on the gloves allows for opening water bottles, jars, or similar tasks with fewer problems than standard gloves that often slip. These helpful, easy to wear gloves can be worn overnight to help increase circulation while sleeping so in the morning the wearer doesn’t wake to painful stiffness.

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How Do Copper Hands Work?

The technology behind the gloves is unique. Compression gloves for arthritis have been in use for some time. Copper has been used for generations to help with the pain and swelling that plague those who suffer from joint pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the muscles that arthritis sufferers endure.

copper hands compression technology

Cooper Hands offer compression, but are made from a breathable fabric, that instead of reducing circulation actually aids it. The joints of the hand are supported giving the wearer a more confident grip when tackling daily tasks such opening a bottle, turning a doorknob, or using a pair of hedge clippers.

These gloves are made of ultra light compression material that allows the skin to breath even as it supports and works to reduce the swelling, and tenderness associated with this type of condition. Compress will improve the circulation, but wearing many such gloves too long is difficult as the material used is often heavy, and difficult to move through daily tasks while wearing. This ultra-light material however is wearable even while sleeping, and doesn’t constrict movement.

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The gloves only extend passed the second knuckle of the fingers, and this allows the wearer to have sensitivity in the fingers. This makes it easier to perform tasks such as typing, holding paper objects, or picking up small items.

The second important aspect of the technology of the gloves is the infusion of copper. Copper is infused in the gloves, but doesn’t weigh down the material or make the gloves feel too heavily. The copper is interlaced on a microscope level into the breathable compression fabric.

The result of this technology is the benefit of both copper and compression, while still being able to wear the gloves for long periods of time and even while sleeping to offset the problems of stiffness, pain, and swelling.

Copper Hands Commercial

This is the official commercial that you may have seen on television. I’ve searched and founded in youtube.

Benefits of Copper Hands

The benefits of both copper and compression are widely known by those who suffer from arthritic conditions. Compression offers relief from swelling and helps with mobility. Many find relief from using gloves for swelling arthritic hands and fingers, and from using similar compression such as leggings for swelling in the knees or ankles.

Compression for these conditions should be firm, but not constricting. Copper Hands gloves offer the type of support the wearer will find supportive, but not constricting. Rather than cutting off the flow of blood these gloves will help the circulation through even if fingers, thumb or wrist joints are swollen. This type of firm support also gives the person wearing the gloves more confidence in gripping objects since the joints are better supported.

Using compression after injury or when there’s swelling works in the same way as elevating the swelling tissue. This helps to keep the pressure of the blood from filling the affected area and reduces fluids draining into the joint.

Copper has been an alternative medical aid for arthritis for thousands of years.  Even in Ancient Greece suffers of arthritis were prescribed copper jewelry because it was believed this metal actually absorbed the pain and swelling. In fact, the modern research indicates that animals benefit from copper in that they see relief from tissue and joint damage. This indicates this metal has antioxidant effects.

Copper Hands used both compression and copper to offer the optimum support, comfort, and relief from the symptoms of arthritis.

  • By supporting the hands these gloves help to prevent further damage to the tissue.
  • Copper works to reduce the pain and swelling in the joints.
  • Compression helps with blood flow, and circulation to and from the affected joints.

While other products on the market offer one of these benefits, Copper Hands gives the wearer the advantage of all three.

Where to Buy Copper Hands

copper hands special offer

These gloves are not available in stores, and can be ordered only through authorized sites and sources. Products that are not Copper Hands and don’t carry the logo will not offer the same benefits. Only this product is designed with ultra-light compression material infused with copper.

The Copper Gloves are sizes small to medium, and large to extra large. Small to medium size fits up to 3.25 inches. The large size fits up to 4.5 inches. It’s possible to download and print a sizing chart, and printed charts should be used rather than use the sizing charts while on a computer screen. Sizing charts on the screen are not an accurate method of determining the size.

Shipping might take 3 to 6 weeks. At times throughout the year the demand for Copper Hands is greater than at other times of the year, so while it might not take up to 6 weeks those ordering should understand that due to volume this wait is a possibility.

Typically, orders are not charged until shipping takes place. Processing will usually take place within 24 hours, but shipping can take longer depending on order volume.

To order, I recommend go to the Official Site Here.

Money Back Guarantee


Another reason to take care to order these gloves specifically is that not only are these unique in their benefits, there is also a money back guarantee.

Only Copper Gloves are infused with copper in an ultra-light weight material that works to offer support to joints. This glove helps reduce swelling and is so comfortable they can be worn while sleeping.

With confidence that the wearer will be happy, the customer’s satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Anyone who is dissatisfied with this product for any reason can simply return it within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price excluding the shipping and handling costs.

The return should include information including the order number, the complete name, address, and billing phone number of the person who made the order along with an email address if possible. Details regarding the reason for the return should be included, along with whether a full return or replacement is desired.

To return the gloves, send them to the return address that’s listed on the packing slip/invoice including with the shipment. It is best to ship these back using Ground method, which can be tracked through, UPS, FedEx or USPS Priority mail. No other paperwork or authorization is needed to make a return.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a condition that causes inflammation of one or more joints. While it is often associated with aging, there are a number of arthritic conditions that can cause these symptoms at any age. Those suffering from this condition can experience pain and limited function in any joint in the body. Men, women and children can be affected by arthritis, but the earlier someone receives a diagnosis and receives treatment the better the prognosis. Irreversible damage can at times be prevented with early treatment.

The Causes of Arthritis

This is a joint disorder that causes inflammation at the joint. The joint is where two different bones meet. The joint functions to move the body’s parts where the bones are connected. The cause of arthritis depends on the form of the condition the individual has. For example an injury can lead to osteoarthritis. Goat is caused by metabolic abnormalities.

Arthritis and Pain

All arthritic conditions cause pain. The swelling of the joint, and the lack of stability in the joint affect the muscles tendons, and even the skin around the affected joint. Stiffness is also a problem with these conditions. Mobility is difficult not only because the joint degenerates, but because of the pain with movement.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Typically rheumatoid arthritis starts with fatigue, morning stiffness, and joint pain. It can be a period of days or months before swelling starts to appear in the joint. Many with this form of arthritis will have fever. Osteoarthritis will typically affect the joints that have sustained injury or repeat damage in the past. Symptoms start will pain and tenderness in the area around the joint. Pain may radiate down from the joint into other parts of the body. The joint will become stiff, and many feel abnormal sensations in the area around the joint. The muscle around the joint will lose flexibility.

Symptoms can also include the degeneration of the joint. This will make the joint unstable, and the lack of confidence the person feels in using the joint can lead to a lack of use, which can in turn speed its degeneration.

Arthritis Prevention

Not all forms of arthritis are preventable. Many causes are based on family history, gender, and age. There are healthy habits, which can help to prevent some forms of arthritis. The use of this compression copper hands really work as a prevention.

Controlling weight is one important factor in preventing some forms of this condition since additional weight on the joint can cause damage. For example being just ten pounds overweight will place a force equal to 30 pounds on the knee joint with every step.

Avoiding injury is another way to prevent having some forms of arthritis. Taking care of the joints when working out, and using a seatbelt while driving in a car are both good ways of preventing this type of risk. If an injury does occur it’s important to have it treated properly, and to take precaution as specified by a doctor to minimize the effect on the joint.

Sitting down for long periods of time can also affect joint health. When working it’s good to take occasional breaks to stretch and flex the joint. Repetitive motions such as typing should be monitored to ensure that strain isn’t damaging the joint of the hands, fingers, and wrist.

Getting physical exams for a wellness check can also help in maintain the health of the joint. A doctor can help in monitoring the effects of exercise, motion, and injury of the joints.


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