Copper Fit vs Copper Wear: The Full Review of Them Both

copper fit vs copper wear

This is my personal comparison review of both Copper Fit and Copper Wear: the new “copper-infused” compression sleeves/braces that are all the talk these days. As someone who suffers daily from joint pain, I needed something to provide relief so that I could continue my active lifestyle, and both of these products seemed to fit the bill.

I decided to test them both out to see if one was better than the other, and after using them extensively, I figured I might as well share my experience on this blog in case anyone else was debating between the two or just interested in some joint pain relief in general.

So continue reading to see my story and full review and learn which one wins in the battle of Copper Fit vs Copper Wear.

Spoiler Alert for those who don’t wish to read the whole review: In my test, Copper Fit came out on top and is the one I recommend. If you wish to buy Copper Fit, the best deal by far is from the official website here.

My Story: How I Stumbled Across Copper Fit and Copper Wear

I know a lot of people who live day-to-day with joint pain (myself included). It isn’t so bad that I need medical treatment, but my aches and pains are uncomfortable and do keep me from being as active as I’d like to be. I hear the same complaints from others I know as well that deal with joint pain on a regular basis. In fact, because of this discomfort, it keeps people like myself from being able to exercise so that we can lose weight and maintain a solid fitness regimen.

This extra weight can increase pressure on the joints, particularly in the knees, and we can end up in a vicious cycle of having pain that keeps us from exercising. The lack of exercise of course contributes to additional weight gain and the cycle continues.

Some people have found relief wearing knee braces or other types of compression clothing. What I’ve experienced though, is that some of these braces and compression garments can be really uncomfortable and only provide minor relief, if any at all. So when I began researching different compression sleeves, I wanted to focus on comfort as well as efficiency.

The research brought me to two products which have been getting a lot of talk both online and offline: Copper Fit and Copper Wear. Both of them work in very similar ways. They are simply compression sleeves that can be used on the knees or elbows, but aren’t as bulky or restricting as other braces seem to be. The thing that makes them really stand out though, is the fact that embedded in the fibers of these garments is pure copper.

What’s the Buzz About These Products and Which is Better?

Right now there is a lot of research into the anti-inflammatory effects of copper. The makers of both Copper Fit and Copper Wear have incorporated copper into their compression garments.

Many users swear by both Copper Wear and Copper Fit as really effective support for their aching joints. In my experience though, after using them both, I’ve found that Copper Fit actually provides much greater relief than Copper Wear does. Copper Fit also fit me much more comfortably than Copper Wear did. In fact, I hardly even knew it was there after a little while.

Interestingly, the website for Copper Fit is full of testimonies from athletes who are in great physical condition, but appreciate the  increase in endurance that they get to experience while wearing these garments. Unlike traditional braces, compression garments are thin and comfortable and don’t restrict movement or flexibility. Instead, they support tissues that support your joints, reducing pain and stress.

The other cool thing about Copper Fit is that the blend of polyester, spandex, copper and other fibers helps to wick moisture away from the skin, keeping you comfortable. In addition, the fabric is antimicrobial which may reduce the chances of skin irritation. With Copper Wear on the other hand, I noticed I was sweating more underneath it while wearing it. Copper Fit kept me pretty cool though.

So if you can’t tell yet, I would definitely choose Copper Fit over Copper Wear at this point due to everything I pointed out above. It provides more relief, is more comfortable to wear, and keeps you relatively moisture-free in the areas you’re wearing it too. The rest of this review will focus on Copper Fit since that’s the one I recommend anyway and don’t really need to cover Copper Wear much anymore.

Click Here if you’re looking for the best deal on Copper Fit and you will be taken to the official website.

If you haven’t checked out the commercial yet for Copper Fit, you can watch it below:

What Else Should You Know Before Purchasing?

The most important thing about getting the best results from Copper Fit is the fit itself. If it’s too big or too small, it won’t work as effectively and will be uncomfortable.

Check out the size chart on the website so that you can select the right size for you.  Make sure to use a tape measure so that you get the right size.

You’ll have your choice of compression gear for either your elbows or knees.

What I really like about these is that they are machine washable too.

Best Place to Buy Copper Fit?

If you are looking to  purchase Copper Fit, I’d definitely buy from the Copper Fit website. Not only is it the cheapest place to purchase, but you’ll get a 30 day money back guarantee and a special bonus offer: They’ll double your order for the cost of postage and handling only, which is a great deal that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Many people choose to wear these sleeves all the time, and being able to change into a fresh set between washings is often important. In addition, you may want to wear a sleeve on both elbows, or both knees, at the same time, so this deal really comes in handy.

Also by buying directly from the manufacturer’s website, you can choose your exact size options and will know they have it in stock.

Final Word

If you have joint pain and aren’t getting relief from traditional braces or sleeves, give Copper Fit a try. It’s made a huge difference for me and I’m glad I decided to buy it. You really have nothing to lose since they offer a money back guarantee. If for any reason you’re unhappy, just send it back and get a full refund.


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