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Few people really take stock of how often they use their hands throughout the day. Until the pain from post surgery, an injury, or arthritis affects the hands it’s easy to forget the various muscles and joints in the hand you use for something as simple as opening a door. Pain and inflammation can affect both the bones and joints of the hand, making once routine tasks difficult. A number of remedies exist to reduce both the discomfort and the swelling from inflammation. Compression gloves offer both support and a method of reducing swelling. Check our gloves recommendation in this section.

Several possible types of compression gloves exist on the market. Depending on an individual’s need or budget, it is possible to find the glove capable of offering the most relief. For some people with certain affected areas, stiffer compression gloves offer the most support. Many prefer gloves comfortable enough to sleep in, while still offering enough support to reduce swelling. Gloves that can be heated help some individuals while others find this type increases their discomfort. Keeping in there are many alternatives available is important while searching for the right solution. Most doctors and surgeons recommend shopping around and looking for the glove that fits both need and lifestyle.

What is the Copper Compression Technology?

When recovering from an issue with the hand or suffering from arthritis compression can help reduce swelling and offer greater mobility. The problem with many compression gloves is that some are too stiff and bulky to be practical. Others are too flimsy to give true support to the joints of the hand. Some leave the wearer’s hand feeling sweaty or overly warm. The difference with using gloves with copper compression technology is these are made with a breathable fabric, but still provides the support needed to go about daily tasks with less discomfort. An important part of the technology is the benefit that copper has shown in helping to relieve painful swelling.

Compression Technology

In managing arthritis the most common complaints are trouble dealing with the swelling and pain. The more the joint feels pain the harder it becomes to go about routine activities. The less someone is able to move about the likelihood of developing other health problems increases. Compression helps to increase circulation in the area, which can decrease swelling. Compression with support such as with a glove allows the person with swelling and pain more support while going about normal tasks. Gloves that offer firmness can also protect the hands from over extension. The glove’s fabric diminishes sensations such as the hardness of a metal in a doorknob.

A “No-Finger” Design

For those who want to wear compression gloves while doing daily activities find a design that opens just past the major joint of the fingers works best. This offers the ability to typing, cooking or do other sensitive tasks and still have support for the hands and fingers.

Grip Spots

Having grip spots on the compression gloves is also part of a technology that gives those wearing them more dexterity and allows the wearer to put less pressure on joints while still going about a normal routine.

The Result: Compression Gloves: Copper’s Benefit


Copper is an element that has been used throughout human history as an external treatment for swollen limbs and joints. It’s known that copper can inhibit the growth of bacteria. It’s important to carefully regulate the amount of copper inside the body as it is found only in trace amounts. The usual function these trace amounts of copper help regulate enzymes, and produce energy. Many people have found wearing a copper bracelet or ring helps their condition, but gloves containing at least 5% copper can be worn more comfortably. Those with other conditions such repetitive motion also discover this type of compression glove containing small amounts of copper is beneficial.

Until recent those who wanted to try alternative medicine using copper wear bracelets or rings containing this element. The idea of using the copper directly at the point of the joints affected is recent. Gloves, knee braces, or insoles for the feet are often a more practical way as this in the area of the joints involved. Since braces, gloves or insoles would be worn anyway the addition of copper only adds to increasing comfort. It is a good idea to buy the gloves with the combination of copper to the fabric rather than add copper to an existing pair of gloves, as this could prove uncomfortable.

Just as with wearing a bracelet trace amounts of the copper are absorbed through the skin throughout the day. Since this transfer isn’t dependent on digest even those who have difficulty absorbing vitamins or minerals through eating or drinking can still have the benefit of copper. In the proper amounts, copper is known to help the absorption of other minerals such as iron. Copper can help in reducing problems such as anemia or some types of bone disease. While it is possible to take too much internally this isn’t a problem with trace amounts being absorbed through the skin.

What Science Understands About Copper

Medical science is aware that at least 20% of the population of the U.S. suffers from copper deficiency. This problem isn’t unique as many developed countries, have the same issue. Copper deficiency is linked to the development of medical problems such as arthritis, colon cancer, and osteoporosis. At the present time there’s no research confirming the benefits of wearing copper, but many doctors have reported that patients do feel less pain when using these devices.

Combining Compression with Copper

Combing both compression and copper results in a glove offers support and the quick relief of pain associated with using copper. Finding compression gloves with the right design and fabric to offer support is as import to this type of technology as the copper.  Uncomfortable gloves that are too stiff or don’t open at the fingers will usually be discarded repeatedly throughout the day as the person using them finds them impractical to wear. Lightweight, but sturdy gloves offer the most comfort, and can be worn with stress for long periods of time.

Long-Term Solutions

Compression gloves with copper are often called arthritis gloves for a good reason. These gloves are suited for long-term wear making them a good choice for pain relief for this kind of medical condition. The gloves make it easier to perform daily tasks so the person suffering from this condition can remain active. There is a psychological benefit from being able to interact normal, and to continue with plans despite a flare up of swelling and discomfort. While no product can complete resolve this medical condition this is a good method of having support with less pain in movement. As the compression also acts to increase circulation, it is believed it can help in shortening the length of a flare-up.

copper hands in action

Copper Hands have quickly become a “go to” product for many people who suffer either arthritis in the hands. This condition in the joints of the fingers and hands can prove especially challenging. Something as simple as turning on a light switch can cause pain during a flare up when swelling and tenderness in the area of the joint is at its worst. Compression has long been a method of increasing circulation to the muscles and joints. Compression gloves are also capable offering support to the joint. Copper Hands customers have found not only are simple tasks easier, but so too are complex and repetitive jobs such as keyboarding.

Copper Hands also, allows wears to utilize the benefits of copper. It’s possible to discard a copper bracelet as the copper is incorporated directly into the gloves. The copper is placed at the wrist and close to the knuckle and finger joints place it near the affected parts. The breads used are small enough for the glove to be worn comfortably.

Customers who have reviewed these gloves have found they are lightweight and breathable enough to use while doing tasks such as cooking without discomfort from the glove becoming overly warm. The Copper Hands gloves are supportive enough for jobs often made difficult by arthritis, such as gardening, housework, or even hobbies such as painting.

Other benefits customers mention often is that unlike most compression gloves these are machine washable. Laying them out to air dry is recommended. Along with arthritis those who have tried these compression gloves for sprains, and repetitive motion injuries have also found relief.


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