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Copper Chef Vs Red Copper

Copper Chef and Red Copper are two popular providers of cooking pans in the market. Both of these pans are non-stick, which means they allow you to cook healthier as well as tastier meals in them. In this article, we will compare both of these cookware brands and tell you which one is better if there is any.

Copper Chef

The Copper Chef pan is promoted by chef Eric Theiss on the television. This multi-utility cooking pan has non-stick features and comes in a square shape. It features induction plate channels, which quickly heat up. It has two handles; one is the helper handle and the other is the riveted handle, which makes it easy to move it around.

The Copper Chef pan can be used in the oven as well as on all the stovetops, comprising of electric, ceramic, induction, and gas tops. Copper Chef claims that this is a 6-in-1 cooking pan since it can be used as a rice cooker, roasting pan, steamer, wok, baking dish, as well as a stock pot.

Red Copper

The Red Copper pan is endorsed by the famous author, Cathy Mitchell. This cooking pan is made of ultra-tough ceramic and copper with copper-infused technology, which makes it very durable. This cooking pan is an amalgamation of non-stick copper and ceramic, which helps to deliver incredible meals. This pan is lightweight and super sturdy. It is scratch-resistant, which does not let its surface to peel or chip into the food.


The Copper Chef pan is made with 5 different layers, which includes a double layer of ceramic coating, a base layer of ceramic coating with non-stick, the core of aluminum, and an outside layer with induction blade made of stainless steel. The coating on this cooking pan is of copper-infused ceramic with non-stick features, which is free from harmful PTFE and PFOA chemicals and toxins. This means you can cook food in this pan for the whole family.

The Copper Chef pan is 9.5-inch in size and comes in a square shape with a weight of 1.93 lbs. It is equipped with a hollow handle, which makes it cooler as compared to other handles with a solid core. However, it can get hot when the pan is place is placed in the oven or on the stove top. This means you need to use pot holders when you remove it from the oven. This cooking pan is oven safe and heat-resistant up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Red Copper pan is made using tough-grade ceramic and copper with non-stick attributes. This cooking pan has a non-stick coating, which is free from dangerous PTFE and PFOA chemicals and toxins. This makes it safe for your whole family. This pan is 10-inch in size and comes in a round shape with a sturdy handle.

The Red Copper pan weighs 1.4 pounds. This cooking pan is oven safe and heat-resistant; it can withstand a maximum heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This pan can be used to make different types of food items, including baked chicken Parmesan and caramelized sugar.

Cooking efficiency

The Copper Chef pan comes in a square shape with additional deep sides. It is infused with Cerami-Tech (ceramic high-tech) technology and copper coating that is heat resistant. This cooking pan can resist a maximum heat of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Owing to the Cerami-Tech non-stick design of this pan, it is free of PFOA and PTFE chemicals, which do not make the food to stick to its surface.

Additionally, the coating of the Copper Chef pan lets you clean it easily as well as quickly. You can make different types of dishes in this cooking pan without using extra butter or oil. This pan can be used on any stovetop, including induction, ceramic, gas, as well as electric. Plus, the Copper Chef pan allows you to roast, bake, steam, deep fry, or just cook your favorite dishes in it without any hassles. It is constructed with 5 layers, which further makes it durable and super tough.

On the flip side, the Red Copper pan comes with a copper-infused design as well as a non-stick ceramic cooking surface, which allows you to cook healthy meals without the use of grease, butter, or oil. This cooking pan can be used on anything, including in the oven as well as on all stovetops. It is attached to a handle and is heat-resistant.

The Red Copper pan can resist the heat of up to a maximum of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can make anything in this cooking pan, including broil flakey fish, flambé desserts, bake chicken parmesan, and even beat eggs and caramelize the sugar. This pan is abrasion-resistant. You can even use a hand mixer in this non-stick pan.

Differences between Copper Chef and Red Copper

Copper Chef claims that it is heat resistant up to a maximum of 850 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas Red Copper claims that it is oven safe with up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Pans by Red Copper require to be seasoned as per the instruction manual. They come with a sturdier handle as opposed to Copper Chef, which has a hollow handle that is cooler than handles with a solid core. This makes the handle very hot when the pan is in the oven or on the stove top.

Moreover, both these cooking pans come with different sets of bonus accessories. Copper Chef is typically offered with induction cook tops. Copper Chef is also a bit heavier than its counterpart with a weight of 2 pounds, and Red Copper weighs 1.4 pounds only.

Bottom line

Both the Copper Chef as well as the Red Copper cooking pans allow you to cook many different food items without using any extra oil owing to their non-stick features. They have a lot of similarities, even though their advertisement says that they are exceptional.

Both these cooking pans are durable and deliver exceptional results. Moreover, they do not use Teflon, which has harmful chemicals and toxins. Copper Chef and Red Copper pans are oven safe and have similar coatings with partial ceramic.

Plus, these pans are scratch-free and damage-free. These copper-infused cooking pans have their own advantages. Where Copper Chef is a 6-in-1 pan that can replace a rice cooker, stock pot, frying pan, baking dish, wok, and roasting pan, Red Copper has a tougher handle and tad wider cooking surface.

Thus, it depends on you for which cooking pan you opt for. But, according to the reviews, the Copper Chef pan is certainly better owing to its 6-in-1 features, 850 degrees Fahrenheit heat-resistance, and varied cooking options.


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