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Copper Chef XL With Induction Cooktop – The Ideal Choice To Fast, Tasty And Hassle Free Cooking

Copper Chef XL Set is made by Fusion Life Brands, which is also popular for products such as Fusion Juicer and Xcelerator. Fusion Life brand is part of Tristar Products, which is a leading company among the largest ASOTV brands now. Tristar is renowned for Clear TV, Perfecter Fusion and much more.

Tristar Products is a reputed company marketing premier products with more than 25 years of successful domination in the industry. The brand has several top notch and highly successful products including The Flex-Able Hose, The Genie Bra and Jack LaLanne Power Juicer besides Copper Chef Cookware range. Of its various products, Copper Chef Cookware is a popular one recording sales of more than $200 million.

Copper Chef XL pan is a versatile non- stick cooking dish that can be used to do 6 different types of cooking and it comes with the latest non-stick coating technology ensuring you cook up a storm in the kitchen of the delicious and sumptuous variety of course! The easy to cook and clean dish makes cooking a breeze with its stellar design. And Copper chef XL casserole pan is endorsed by none other than Eric Theiss, the celebrity TV Chef and popular culinary expert.

Overview of Copper Chef XL set

Copper Chef XL set is made of multiple piece cooking system that easily replaces your roasting pan, wok, frying pan, baking dish, rice cooker and stock pot. The standard frying pan dimension includes 43.2 x 24.1 x 7.6 cm. The pan weighs 816 g. The copper chef XL with handles has dimensions of 15 ¼ inches in width and 4 3/8 inches in height. It weighs 4.6 pounds. The handle attached sauté pan has a dimension of 21 7/8 inches in length and 4 ¼ inches in height and weighs 4.6 pounds just as the casserole pan.

The copper pan is a 9 inch square pan, while the XL variety or the Copper Chef XL casserole pan is 11 inch in width that is sufficiently wide to enable cooking more amount of food.

The pan has an induction plate underneath made of stainless steel that spreads heat evenly without any isolated hot spots. The induction cooktop features digital display and timer that can be viewed clearly.

The product is available as a 5 piece combo consisting of a lid for the pan made of tempered glass, a rack for roasting and steaming, and a basket for frying.

Copper Chef casserole is also available as 6 piece and 12 piece set, where the 6 piece has an additional fry pan, which is square shaped, and the 12 piece copper chef set includes an additional 10 inch pan that is round in shape with matching round lid made of tempered glass and a utensil set made of 4 pieces. The Copper Chef 12 piece series comes with lifetime limited warranty.

Copper Chef XL set also includes a recipe book with more than 25 recipes to try and excel at with the efficient cooking pan. And the product also has very minimal shipping and handling charges. Buying Copper chef XL casserole pan has other perks. Customers can choose from the bonus offer of Micro Knife, Perfect slicer and Perfect Rice Cooker.

Copper chef XL casserole pan features

The copper Chef XL set is an easy clean non-stick pan that uses highly advanced Cerami-Tech technology. The coating of the pan is infused with high quality copper that is able to resist heat to a high level of 850 degrees. This high heat resistance enables you to use the Copper Chef XL pan for cooking, move it directly to oven or to your dining table easily.

The copper chef pan has other important feature that enhances its heating capacity and makes it an excellent addition to your kitchen. Here is a detailed review of its features:

Even heating: The pan features channels for induction heat to travel resulting in quick heating up. The induction plate reduces the hot spots and can be used on induction stove, regular gas or electric stove tops without losing its efficiency.

Ease of handling: Copper Chef XL casserole pan is easy to move around. The user friendly riveted handles and the helper handle make it easy to hold the pan while cooking, tossing vegetables, making omelettes etc. You can also lift the pan from the stove to the dining table and serve the dish without having to transfer the contents.

Safe and hassle free coating: Copper Chef XL pan comes with PFOA and PTFE free non-stick coating. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a chemical that has been used in cookware with non-stick coating. When heated to 260 degrees or more it starts deteriorating, and decomposes totally when the heating temperature reaches 350 degrees and above. The decomposed and airborne material can lead to symptoms similar to flu, when you inhale it.

PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) is a non-stick material which is also not in use now, as it has been proved to cause damage to liver function and hormone levels, and reduces immunity. It has also been linked with cancer.

The premium quality coating is resistant to flaking, peeling and chipping, so you need not worry about the health of your family. The pan is also easy to clean, as it is completely dishwasher safe. The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking to the pan, so clean up is ultra-easy.

Premium quality cooking material: The fantastic thermal conductivity of the copper cookware is its most significant benefit. The copper pan is constructed with five heating focused layers.

  1. The top layer has a double coating of copper ceramic that is free of PTFE and PFOA.
  2. The base layer has ceramic with non-stick feature.
  3. The central core is made of aluminium to enhance thermal conductivity, so the pan heats up fast saving you fuel, time and energy.
  4. The outside layer is made of an exterior copper coating that is made of high temperature fused copper.
  5. The base layer, which is in contact with the gas, electric or induction stove is made of stainless steel with induction channels that make heating even, fast and also retains the heat for longer time.

Attractive design: Copper cookware is pleasing to look at. The conventional pans and pots made of copper are expensive and they corrode easily, if not cleaned and dried immediately.

Moreover when you cook acidic or alkaline foods, the copper adds a metallic flavour to the cooked food. However Copper Chef XL pan design eliminates all these drawbacks with its non-stick and cerami technology.

Better cooking efficiency

Copper chef XL comes with Induction cooktop to make your meals easy, quick and hassle free. The induction cook top can warm, sear and heat to any temperature you want for cooking food. The cooktop makes use of electromagnetic field for heating. The various benefits of having the Copper Chef XL Induction cooktop include the following:

  • It is lightweight and portable making it ideal for use on boats, RVs, in dorms and small apartments.
  • The cooktop has timer, so you can set the cooking time and relax or see to other chores while the cooking is done, instead of hovering near it until it is finished.
  • Temperature setting makes it easy to set the right temperature for the different types of dishes you cook.
  • The Copper Chef induction cooktop features 5 pre-set cooking time and temperatures.
  • The display and timer are digitally enhanced for clear reading.
  • The warming feature allows you to cook ahead and keep the meals warm until you eat.
  • The induction cooktop allows continuous cooking time of nearly 2 ½ hours.

Copper Chef XL with induction cooktop is made by Fusion Life Brands, a US based company that helps people regain their health by providing them with kitchen appliance range that provides easy and healthy food preparation. The Copper Chef XL pan and induction stovetop are part of the company’s initiative to improve lifestyle and make people more health conscious.

Copper Chef XL manufacturer warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. The non-stick coating of ceramic in the pan is warranted against chipping, peeling or blistering on general home use for lifetime. This lifetime warranty holds good for the original purchase alone.

All other Copper Chef XL components and parts have 60 day warranty. This applies from the initial purchase date. While the warranty holds good for coating of ceramic in the pan, it does not cover the wear and tear that occurs on normal use over time.

Important advantages and drawbacks of Copper Chef XL set

Copper Chef XL has several major advantages that make it an ideal choice for your kitchen including the following:

  • The cookware is made with meticulous care to ensure exceptional thermal conductivity. Thus you can cook food fast and thoroughly.
  • The Copper Chef XL pan is made with a stainless steel base that enables using it on induction stove. You can also use it on stove tops that use ceramic, gas or electricity.
  • The innovative cerami tech makes it easy to cook food without the hassles of food getting stuck to the pan. The non-stick coating avoids use of oil or butter for easier cooking making your daily meals healthy and nutritive.
  • Ease of use is good with the handles provided. The riveted handles can be used to move the pan around deftly.
  • The Copper Chef XL comes with a larger capacity enabling to cook sufficient food for a family of 6.
  • The non-stick coating is made of premium material that is free of PFOA and PTFE, so you can be assured of the coating not being damaged by flaking, chipping or peeling.
  • The Copper Chef XL and induction stove is provided with a recipe book for free. The book has 25 delicious recipes that you can try and surprise your family with.
  • The non-stick cookware is dishwasher safe making cleaning an easy and quick task.
  • The life time warranty and 60 day warranty ensure it is a reputed and long lasting product.
  • Since it is scratch free and has non-stick coating, you can stop worrying about the material contaminating the food you cook in the pan.
  • The helper handle is a very useful feature that ensures you lift the pan without any mishaps


  • The product is expensive.
  • Heating takes more time.
  • Metal utensils cannot be used on it as they produce scratches.
  • Bottom is not flat.
  • Shipping and delivery is not up to par as there have been customer complaints on delay in shipping and order cancellation without user knowledge.

Bottom line

Customers who have bought the Copper Chef XL find it ideal for daily cooking. It is good for slow cooking, frying, roasting, baking and more. The cleaning is easy with just a thorough rinsing and wiping being sufficient. The dishwasher safe feature further makes cleaning a breeze. The induction stove, fry pan and recipe book are good additions that increase cooking convenience.  With the product being endorsed by culinary expert and TV celebrity chef Eric Theiss, and the ceramic technology used in the pan Copper Chef XL pan having received some really good reviews with only minor hitches like poor customer service, the product is certainly a good buy.

Customer reviews:

Copper Chef XL Pan has received some really good reviews from users for its multipurpose cooking feature, which makes daily cooking a fast and hassle free chore.

Many users like the fry pan and handle features that make cooking easier. The recipe book that has some really easy to do and delicious recipes and extra-large size are definitely great additions to the CopperChef XL casserole pan.

However some users have reported that the non-stick does not work as advertised. The food sticks to the pan and has to be scrapped off, which leaves scratches behind.

A few users have mentioned about the induction stove top not heating up properly. It either overcooks or undercooks the food due to temperature control being faulty.

A few users found that it did not boil water or oil to the sufficient temperature. And many users are not happy with the make of the induction stove, as it is of low grade plastic and emits unpleasant plastic odour when heated.



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