Copper Chef Recipes – Cookbook 2019 Buyers Guide & Reviews


Copper Chef Cookbook: Ideal Companion To Your Copper Chef Pan                        

Copper Chef Cookware is made by Tristar products, a leading Direct Response Products Company. The company has launched numerous products in the As Seen on TV segment many of which are very popular. The company’s presence extends to more than 100 countries.

It develops its products through well established distribution channels internationally and in the domestic circuit.  Headquartered in New Jersey, the company provides a diverse range of products that meet with customer needs effectively.

Copper Chef Cookbook is an exclusive product created by the company for its Copper Chef cookware. Authored by Eric Theiss, the renowned Chef, the book has numerous mouth-watering and sumptuous recipes. The cookbook is ideal for Copper Chef cookware featuring easy to make and delicious recipes.

Exclusive cookbook

Copper Chef Cookbook contains more than 130 recipes that are easy and simple to follow.  Created by renowned chef Eric Theiss, the outstanding features of the cookbook include

  • Full page photos in vibrant colors
  • Descriptive recipes
  • Useful tips, tricks and much more on various cooking aspects
  • Cooking charts
  • Conversion charts
  • Hardcover format

The cookbook includes recipes for any meal of a day including seafood, soups, vegetarian meals, BBQ, desserts and more.

Special recipes

Copper Chef Cookware is an exclusive product that requires equally exclusive recipes, since you cannot depend on recipes that are created for ordinary cookware.

Chef Theiss has put together more than 130 of his best and all new recipes. He has personally created the recipes based on his extensive knowledge about the cookware and his culinary expertise that spans over 20 years. He has tested all the recipes firsthand ensuring a user will never go wrong with them.

All the recipes have been meticulously put together to enhance flavor and produce the best and most delicious results for each meal.

No more guesswork

With Eric Theiss’ Copper Chef recipes, you will no longer have to resort to guess work to get your favorite recipes right. From sinfully decadent desserts to sumptuous deep fried foods and oven roasts you will find all the recipes easy to do and provide the best ever taste.

With the 130+ recipes, you can use your Copper Chef to create amazing and fulfilling meals for the whole family. The recipes bring out the best in the Copper Chef cookware enabling them to reveal their true potential. You can bake, fry, braise, sauté, broil and steam foods quickly and retain their full flavor with the help of the recipes.

Dimensions and weight

The cookbook package dimension includes 9.1 inches x 6.6inches x 1.1 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds. The book has a total of 244 pages.

Useful and effective

The Copper Chef Cookbook helps to create the best ever tasting meals from scratch thanks to the incredible recipes by culinary expert and renowned chef, Eric Theiss. The cookbook is veritable treasure of recipes, tricks, tips and more that allow you to prepare amazingly tasty and flavor filled dishes from Copper Chef nonstick pan.

The recipe instructions along with photos help to get a candid idea of how the recipes will appear. The different sections in the table of contents also helps to give the reader a clear idea of the recipes explained in the book.

Making cooking fun and easy

The cookbook features easy to follow instructions that are enumerated stepwise, so you can easily cook up a storm (of the delicious kind, of course) and wow everyone in the family. The useful tips by Eric Theiss help to enhance the flavor and use shortcuts that save time, effort and ingredients, so you can turn into a culinary expert with the cookbook and Copper Chef at hand.

Whether it is an appetizer, dessert or main course, you can easily master the recipes and have fun while you are at it because everything is so simplified. The attractive images urge you on to create an equally good looking replica on your own. The cookbook also features variations that give a special twist to the recipes.

About Eric Theiss

Eric Theiss began his culinary journey in New Jersey at 6 years of age, when his mother presented him with a cook book. During his early adulthood he joined The Culinary Renaissance and polished his culinary skills under the much-admired chef Frank Falcinelli. Theiss later launched Meritage, a restaurant &bar in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Since then many important food critics in Philadelphia have showered rave reviews upon his work.

Eric Theiss later entered culinary broadcasting industry where he worked on product development of many prime live shopping TV networks, including his own brand of kitchen cookware and tools –Walah! Theiss has also had success in publishing pamphlets and cookbooks and remains one of the important industry talents now.

Advantages of Copper Chef Cookbook

  • Good recipe collection
  • Attractive pictures
  • Price is inexpensive
  • Recipes are easy to understand and follow and are not restricted to Copper cookware

Drawbacks of Copper Chef Cookbook

  • Recipes are for a big family, so it is difficult to adjust the ingredients while cooking just for two or a single person
  • Recipe collection is not sufficient enough

Customer reviews

Many customers liked Copper Chef cookbook for its easy and diverse recipes and attractive pictures. The affordable price tag is also another feature that many customers mention. However a few customers mentioned that the recipes were not sufficient enough and that they did not cover all types of dishes.

Bottom Line

Copper Chef Cookbook by Eric Theiss is a great addition to your kitchen, especially when you have a Copper Chef pan. The recipes help you to get the most benefits from your Copper Chef pan. With the healthy and safe Copper pan features, trying out the recipes in the book would give you the best ever meals that are enjoyed by the entire family. While you may certainly get a book with more recipes at your local store, the smart tips and tricks in the book and its easy narration make it an ideal choice.


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