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Copper Chef 5-Piece Cookware Set Review

If you’re a dedicated home cook or the owner of a humble restaurant, then there might not be any feeling more fulfilling than having a complete set of cookware in your kitchen. True enough, a good set of cooking essentials will help step up anyone’s culinary game and may even reduce both the time and effort it takes to whip up delicious meals for the whole family.

These days, it can be tough to find a good piece of cookware, much less a set. With lots of brands putting out poorly designed cookware options that snag attention with flashy promises and promos, it has become all too easy to fall into a bad purchase that doesn’t really give you the best value for your money.

Still struggling to find the best cookware set on the market? According to customer reviews, the Copper Chef 5-Piece Cookware set is the premier option if you’re looking for a complete, durable, and efficient kitchen investment. But is it really all it’s chalked up to be? Find out here.

More About the Brand

Copper Chef is a cookware brand that specializes in solid copper pots and pans in much larger sizes than other typical designs on the market. The line of cookware was developed by Eric Theiss – a prominent chef, restaurant owner, and television personality in the United States.

The Copper Chef brand of cookware boasts a unique 5-layer construction that offers superior durability and efficiency. The outermost 4 layers are designed to optimize the transfer of heat so that ingredients are evenly cooked at a faster rate, while the innermost layer is the Cerami-Tech coating which prevents food from sticking to the pots and pans.

The Copper Chef 5-Piece Cookware Set

The reason why Copper Chef put out a comprehensive 5-piece cookware set is because a lot of buyers often look for complete purchases that will replace a number of different items in their kitchen. So the Copper Chef 5-Piece Cookware Set was put together not only to step-up your entire kitchen arsenal, but also to reduce the cost that you would have spent had you purchased each piece separately.

Compared to other sets, this particular option doesn’t include as many pieces, especially that there are sets with 8 pieces or more being sold on the market. Regardless, it is a great option that provides you just the right essentials to help ease the different tasks you do in the kitchen.

The Copper Chef 5-Piece Cookware Set includes:

  • Deep, square 9 ½ inch pan
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Shallow, square fry pan
  • Fry basket
  • Steam Rack

You might be wondering – is that really enough to get my kitchen up and running? After all, you probably need more than just 5 pieces of cookware for the different recipes you whip up at home.

The reason why the Copper chef 5-Piece Cookware Set has become a hit among lots of buyers is the fact that while it does only include 2 different pans, their designs make them highly versatile. The shallow square fry pan has enough surface area to fry large amounts of food, so you can get breakfast ready in one go.

The deep, square pan on the other hand serves the purpose of a wok, a roasting tray, a baking tray, and a steaming pan. This means you can prepare a variety of different meals with a wide range of different cooking styles with just these two pans.

The inclusion of a fry basket and a steam rack also adds another facet of functionality to this otherwise limited set of cookware.

Pros of the Copper Chef 5-Piece Cookware Set

  • 5 layer construction makes the cookware pieces durable and efficient, able to quickly cook food minus the mess that other cookware options often come hand in hand with.
  • The Cerami-Tech coating makes them very easy to clean, eliminating the need for soaking and scrubbing residue off of the pans.
  • Despite being limited, the pieces are very versatile, able to perform a variety of cooking styles and methods so you can experiment with confidence.
  • Beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated design makes the Copper Chef set great to have on display in your kitchen. Serve dishes in style straight from your stove and eliminate the need for fancy serving plates and trays.
  • Compatible with induction cooktops.

Cons of the Copper Chef 5-Piece Cookware Set

  • Doesn’t include any cooking utensils, which means you may have to purchase them separately to be able to safely use your cookware without the risk of damage.
  • Only includes one lid for both pans.
  • The Cerami-Tech coating does require some care in order to maintain damage and scratch free status.


The Copper Chef 5-Piece Cookware Set is a great choice if you’re looking for the best of the best in terms of kitchen essentials. The square pan is sturdy and reliable, making it a great everyday companion for easy meals and fast cooking. The deep square pan works well as a versatile cookware piece, allowing you to cook soups, sauces, pastas, roasts, pies, and many other recipes with its large surface area and cooking space.

If you’re looking to step up your kitchen with just the basics, be sure to check out this premium set of cookware that’s guaranteed to give you just what you need to put your best culinary foot forward.


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