Cool Boxing Gloves


Getting your kids involved in boxing can bring them enormous benefits. It helps you too since it is one of the few sports left that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to equip. There are some basix boxing equipment that your child should own. Here is a word of caution, children grow fast and you will have to keep up with making sure that the kids boxing gloves they are using are appropriate to their size and weight.

How are sparring gloves sized?

In general, all equipment for children is going to follow the amateur boxing regulations. This means they will need sparring headgear and protectors as well as gloves. The weight of the gloves is also kept within a specific range that is determined by your child’s size, not age. The concern with the glove weight is that too light a weight means more impact on the hand, and too heavy a glove creates an unfair advantage.

Cool Boxing Gloves

The best way to choose sparring gloves is talk to your child’s coach and get their recommendation. If they don’t have a coach, contact the local amateur boxing agency to find out what the regulations are.

The basics

Many gyms that teach children will have a set of Twins boxing gloves on hand for use, or any other respected brand. That can make it easier for the coach to make sure that every child is using the right glove for their size. What you will have to make sure that your child has are boxing hand wraps.

Cool Boxing Gloves

It used to be that hand wraps were all the same, long strips of woven cotton that were wrapped in a pattern to support and protect the hand and wrist. Now, there are many different styles of handwraps. There are gel handwraps, and even handwraps that will double as bag gloves too. Again, talk to the gym where your child is training to find out what they prefer to be used.

What about backyard boxing mitts?

If you are just looking for a set of gloves that is going to keep everyone safe in the backyard as they knock around, there are a lot of options. Companies like Everlast make kid’s boxing packages that include all the needed safety equipment like headgear, gloves and a groin protector. There are inflatable boxing gloves too, but they should never be used with children older than 4. Boxing can be a great way to introduce your child to a lifelong habit of sports and fitness. Always make sure to supervise your child when they are boxing as it is a sport that can cause injury.

Setting up a training area

You don’t need much to get your child started with boxing. Wraps, gloves and a small bag to strike are all that is needed. Don’t do anything about weight training as your child needs to grow more before you can stress the bones and muscles. One thing that most children love is the speedbag, and don’t forget the jump rope too!


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