Cookshack Smoker Reviews


The philosophy of Cookshack smoker was always to provide a great product for a reasonable price. Starting as a family-owned business in the 1960’s. Gene and Judy Ellis both had a soft spot for barbecue and worked together to create the perfect recipes to start their company.

Based out of a small town in Oklahoma, the company looked for an easy way to barbecue. It was their pride and joy to be able to provide homes with a solution to easy and delicious barbecue.

After the death of both Gene and Judy Ellis, their children took over the company. It was then they hired a General Manager and National Sales Manager, in order to better support and promote their growing family business. It still remains a small, closely knit family business to this day, employing only 25 people in a tiny 21,000 square foot factory. It was not until 2004 that Cookshack teamed up with Fast Eddy’s to create another line of Cookshack smokers and expand their inventory.

Cookshack Smoker BBQ Models

There are 13 models between Cookshack electric smokers and Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack. They are all great for perfecting your barbecue, but can cost you a pretty penny. But perfection does not run cheap these days.

Cookshack Smoker AmeriQue SmartSmoker

Cookshack AmeriQue SmartSmoker

The SmartSmoker Ovens can cost in between $2,500 and $3,000 for one unit. However, you will get your money back in the savings by using them since they are energy efficient.

Weighing only 40 pounds, they are also small enough to be stored in a small kitchen. For those who are looking to serve great food in their up and coming restaurant, the SmartSmoker 100 series may do you justice. It can be worked 24 hours a day and provide great service. This Cookshake smoker comes with a time and heat controller, as well. Since they are on the larger side, and have more amenities, though, these can cost you anywhere from $3,600 to $4,300 a unit.

The Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack smoker line is known for helping food champions conquer in numerous competitions across the country. While they are small enough to fit in your backyard, they are also perfect for any barbecue cook-off.

It is a wood burning oven, which provides the perfect smoky flavoring to any barbecue. It also has the convenient feature of temperature control. When the smoke cycle finishes, the Cookshack FEC100 Series automatically drops the controller to hold the temperature at a steady degree to not overcook the meat. This Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack electric smoker will cost about $3,600 a unit.

Where to Buy Cookshack Smokers?

cookshak smoker accessories

All of these smokers including accessories from Cooksjake can be purchased either by calling their National Sales Manager through an 800 number posted on their website or by going to any Cabela’s near you.

A well deserved Cooksahck smoker is the perfect addition to any serious grill master’s collection and will provide you with a professional and tasty result each time you use it. Whether you are just barbecuing for your family and friends or looking for the big win at the yearly competition, a Cookshack product is always a good choice.

Remember when purchasing new Cookshack smokers, though, that the brand provides 13 different selections that all have unique qualities. It is important to ask questions and make sure that you get the correct cooker for your specific needs and are paying the price that you expect.

Even though the smkoer comes at a heavy cost, it is well worth the purchase and time going into making the perfect barbeque and you will be sure to get your money’s worth out of how much you’ll love it and use it!


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