Cooklite Aero Fryer Reviews


Cooklite Aerofryer Review

With the call to prepare delicious and healthy home cooked meals at an all-time high, household cooks are constantly in search of tools and appliances that can help make answering that call a little easier. Probably one of the most effective choices on the market is the airfyer – a revolutionary appliance that promises to change the way you fry your food for the rest of your life.

Airfryers are basically oil-less fryers that use hot air to evenly cook ingredients all over. This reduces the oil you use when you cook, and even eliminates all the effort you need to put into preparing your favorite fried meals.

Just as any other kitchen appliance, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different airfryers on the market. But if you’re in search for the best of the best, you’re likely to come across the Cooklite Aerofryer – a state of the art option that stands out from the rest.

Wondering whether this top rated appliance deserves a spot in your kitchen? Find out with our complete product review.

At a Glance

Very few airfryers can catch the buying public’s attention at the first glance, but the Cooklite Aerofryer might even cause a double take. Featuring a design like no other, the Cooklite Aerofryer’s aesthetic is definitely a notch above the rest. The body of the appliance takes on a unique aesthetic, reminiscent of the midcentury modern design which isn’t common among modern airfryers on the market.

The Cooklite Aerofryer comes in two different colors – black or red, which makes it easy to find a place for the appliance in your kitchen without having to ruin whatever interior design style you might have going on.

Top Notch Heating Power

Most airfryers use convection heating technology to circulate air and cook food. But the Cooklite Aerofryer goes the extra mile by using not only convection technology, but halogen and infrared heating as well. This promises to cook your food evenly, faster compared to other options on the market.

The heating system automatically activates all three heating technologies once the device is turned on so you can enjoy crispy, freshly fried food just minutes after the appliance is turned on. Reducing the heat is a matter of adjusting the knob on the control panel at the top of the device, which is easily and instantly adjust temperatures to meet your needs.

Another reason why the Cooklite Aerofryer is ahead of the others in terms of heating is the fact that it can reach far greater temperatures than any other option. Able to generate heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, the Cooklite Aerofryer is a powerful tool that you can use to fry and cook a variety of ingredients.

Simplified User Interface

Minus all the buttons and lights, the simplified interface used by the Cooklite Aerofryer is a major plus point. This reduces the confusion that many of us experience when interacting with a new appliance by giving us familiar controls that are easy to master right off the bat.

On the top surface of the device are two knobs that control heat and time, as well as two lights that indicate the phase of the cooking process. If the fryer is on, the power light comes on. If the cooking process is done, the fryer automatically switches to its keep warm mode indicated by the warm light.

An Abundance of Accessories

When you purchase an airfryer, it’s likely that you may only get the unit itself. Although many brands offer accessories, they’re not always included with the bundle which means you’ll have to spend extra just to extend the functionality of your chosen airfryer.

With the Cooklite Aerofryer however, that may not have to be a problem. With each purchase of this top notch airfryer, you get a dual rack, an aerofryer extender ring, a mesh basket, tongs, and a recipe book that helps make your Cooklite Aerofryer even more efficient and functionable.

Ultimately, these inclusions help increase the capacity of your Cooklite Aerofryer so you can cook more in less time by providing you more space to load ingredients.

Pros of the Cooklite Aerofryer

  • The Cooklite Aerofryer features an extendable capacity thanks to the inclusion of its accessories, which allows you to double the load of ingredients with each use. This makes it the perfect companion for large families or people who constantly find themselves preparing for parties.
  • Makes use of triple heating technology that evenly cooks food to perfection over a shorter amount of time.
  • Ultra simple user interface requires just the turning of two knobs to start a cooking cycle, making it fast, efficient and convenient to use even for first timers.
  • Comes bundled with a number of different accessories that extend its functionality and use, especially for people who want to adjust the amount of food cooked in a single cycle.

Cons of the Cooklite Aerofryer

  • Relatively large, taking up a lot of space in your kitchen which can be inconvenient if you don’t have a lot of space.
  • Strange design aesthetic can make it a bit of an eye sore for some kitchens.
  • Food may need some turning especially if you’re particular about the way your food is cooked.

The Verdict

The Cooklite Aerofryer is a premium airfryer that can take on a heavy cooking load without giving in to wear and tear. This ultra capacity cooker is perfect for big households and party use, easing the cooking process to make it more convenient for you.

Save for its unique aesthetic, there’s very little that you won’t like about the Cooklite Aerofryer. So make sure to check it out in your search for the best airfryer on the market.


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