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The Contour Abs Belt is advertised to work your ab muscles so you won’t have to even break a sweat. The contour abs belt wraps around the midsection just below the navel and features a technique long used in physical therapy known as EMS (electronic muscle stimulation). It is intended for use on healthy muscles. The ab belt uses four electrodes to send signals out causing muscles to contract. After using the Contour Abs every day for about a month, the company claims a person should see firmer abs.

Unique Features
The Contour Abs provides adjustable intensity settings. If the level is uncomfortable the setting on the controller can be lowered between 0-100%. The electronic signals sent to electrodes are produced by The Swiss Wave, a patented system that “speaks the same language as the human brain” according to their website. The company also provides a Quick Start Guide with each order to aid the consumer in getting started right away.

Pros and Cons

  • Extra accessories shipped with the product.
  • Nice convenience. Ab belt can be worn while doing other activities.
  • No extender belt. This is a one size fits all ab belt.
  • Only one year warranty

One positive aspect about the Contour Abs website is the straightforward language. The company states that consumers will see faster progress by eating a healthy diet and continuing other exercise. That’s a contrast to a few similar products whose ads make it sound like users can lose weight by using an ab belt. That’s not the case.
The Contour Abs Belt, or any ab belt, is supposed to enhance the abs by toning, firming and strengthening. But, the ab belt wearer needs to be reasonably fit for the product to work. It is designed for those close to fitness goals, with minimal weight to lose or to get back into shape following childbirth or a lengthy period away from the gym.
The official website is also quick to advise users to check with their doctor about concerns and advise. They clearly state the ab belt is not intended to be used to repair damaged muscle or as any type of rehab device. It is for improved abdominal muscles only. Plus, the company also reminds customers of potential soreness or pain associated with use as it mimics the same process used in physical exercise.

Items included

  • Contour Abs Belt
  • M2 controller
  • user manual
  • nutrition and exercise guide
  • 4 AAA Batteries
  • VIP – Talk Hotline Card
  • 4 Electrodes
  • 1 year warranty card
  • travel back pack bag

Bottom Line
The Contour Abs appears to be a good value considering the items shipped with the product and the available warranty. It does seem to be one of the top products available in the ab belt sector. Click here to see how it compares to other ab belts or check online and read customer reviews. People who already own the product often have the best advice for prospective buyers.


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