Concrete Saw


Contractors and builders make use of a concrete saw regularly. Home owners don’t have need of this type of tool though unless a home improvement project is being completed. When you find yourself in need of this type of tool, is it best to buy one or would renting make more sense? What can this type of tool be used for? These are questions you need to have answers for before you move forward.

Basically, a concrete saw is a saw used to cut through masonry materials such as concrete. Two basic types are offered. You may choose to make use of a hand held saw or, for larger jobs, use a saw that you walk behind. There are many options when it comes to these saws. You may choose from three blades: circular, jig or chain. Power options include air, electricity, gasoline and hydraulics. The saw may use either diamond blade or abrasive cutting technology and masonry materials may be sawed either wet or dry. What makes a concrete saw different from other saws is that it can withstand extreme heat caused by the friction of cutting through materials of this type. In addition, this type of saw cools rapidly thanks to the well-designed air flow.

Masonry saws may be used for a number of purposes. You may cut brick, cement, tile or concrete for demolition, repair or modification. Rebar may also be cut using a tool of this type. Road repair crews use this type of saw to remove asphalt and home owners may wish to do the same when repairing a driveway. When replacing a retaining wall or patio, a saw of this type is very handy. The size of the saw to be used is determined by the job being tackled as well as the volume of material to be cut.

Buying a concrete saw can be very expensive depending on the type of saw as well as how it is powered. Electric hand held saws tend to be the least expensive with gas powered hand held versions costing a few hundred dollars more. Walk behind units come in a wider range of sizes and have more options. The cost of the saw will depend on what engine size you choose along with what options the saw has. Renting may be a better choice if this is the first home improvement job you are completing or if you find that you have very little need of a concrete saw on a regular basis. if you frequently do home repairs and find yourself renting this type of saw regularly, you may wish to consider purchasing one to have it on hand at all times.


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