Concrete Saw Blades & Concrete Cutting Saws


When cutting through a material like concrete, it is important to have the right tools for the job, including the right saws and the right blades. What equipment will be right to use will depend highly on the thickness of the concrete. Various concrete saw blades can cut through normal concrete, concrete reinforced with steel bars, block, brick and other materials. The blades that are used to cut through surfaces such as these are extremely durable and able to handle a lot of pressure.  

There are various types of saw blades on the market. Each concrete blade is made for cutting various surfaces and has its own advantages. A diamond blade is likely to be composed of a steel core and powder metal that is combined with diamond crystals, which is heated and pressed into a molding, thus forming the diamond segments or “cutting teeth” of the blade. Different dealers of tools, including cutting saws and blades may have various types of blades. However, there is some information about different saws blades that’s the same. Most standard type concrete blades are used for basic concrete applications. These blades are not normally recommended for cutting concrete that has been reinforced with rebar. For applications that require reinforcing bars to be cut, a diamond blade with a high diamond concentration is recommended.

Concrete saw blades are also used when cutting tiles for kitchens or baths, allowing individuals to cut various designs from pieces of tile in order to get the desired effect. Because the tile cutting saws can use diamond blades, marble or granite tiles can be cut through quickly and accurately, making the job easier than if these blades were not being used. Getting the job done quickly and easily is not only effective to finishing the project, it can also save money for the contractors. Decorative tiles can cost a lot of money and having to replace some because they were chipped or broken because the wrong cutting blade was used can be expensive.

When contractors are working with concrete, it is important for them to have the proper construction tools that will allow them to quickly and accurately get the job done. Masonry or concrete saw blades are made to do just that. These blades can cut through pavers and concrete that has been reinforced with metal bars with ease. It should be said however, that there are different concrete blades that are intended for different purposes. Some blades are made to cut only some types of concrete materials, while others are made to cut through stronger, harder objects. It is important to know which blades are intended for specific purposes.

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A band saw is used in wood working and metal working industries, as well as others. These power saws are able to produce irregular cuts as well as straight ones. Band saws can also cut objects into curved shapes.

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Concrete power saws and concrete grinders are tools that are used by contractors and construction workers to level and clean concrete surfaces. These commonly used machines come in different styles, some in hand-held form and larger floor model types. As these machines grind and clean concrete surfaces, dust particles are chipped and ground away, leaving a cloud of dangerous dust behind.

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The walk behind concrete saw is used to make cuts in or cut completely through concrete slabs. These power saws are self propelled and are guided by the operator from behind. The look of these saws is similar to that of a rotary tiller that many people use to till their gardens.


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