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If you are on the internet looking for the best concrete cut off saw to buy, you need to be searching for the one that will best suit the application for which you are buying it for. There are several types of concrete cut off saws to choose from whether you just plan on using it around the home or if you are a contractor and one that can handle industrial size jobs. If you need one that will be used at a job site, you need to make sure that you purchase one that can stand up to the test of constant use, a dusty environment, and abuse. The concrete cut off saw is built with cutting concrete, bricks, tile, and even metal, depending on the type of concrete cut off saw blade and size of concrete cut off saw used.

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There are many factors that come into play when you are deciding on the type of concrete cut off saw to use so you should make sure you know what you are going to do with it. The walk behind concrete cut off saw is good for jobs where long straight sustained cuts are going to be made. When using the walk behind concrete cut off saw it is best that you mark the spot to cut so you can follow along as straight as possible with the throttle wide open using the guide at the front to help you stay straight as well. The walk behind concrete cut off saw is good for cutting in parking lots, concrete slabs, and you will see a lot of road crews using them while doing patch work. The depth of the cut will depend mainly on the saw blade size and normally is 14″ so you are looking at a max cut of around 6 3/4″ on a new blade. It is recommended cut no deeper than 2″ on each pass, so if you are cutting 6″ then you will need three passes to complete the total cut depth.


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Different walk behind concrete cut off saws will be able to use different sizes of blades so this is one factor that you need to be aware of. A hand held concrete cut off saw, also known as a power cutter, or chop saw, comes in many varying sizes and can be used for many applications. Depending on whether you purchase a diamond blade, masonry blade, or fiber blade, the hand held concrete cut off saw will be able to cut through asphalt, steel, rebar, walls, and many other types of construction and is versatile enough to cut at different angles. It is recommended here to only cut a maximum of 2″ a pass here as well and the concrete cut off saw blades normally are from 10″ to 18″ with 14″ being the most common size used.

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A lot of the blades will have a knockout in the center for fitting two different types of arbors so you need to be aware of that. Most hand held concrete cut off saws are two stroke and it is advisable to mix with a good synthetic oil to keep the saw running like it should. Most call for 50:1 mixes but if you mix a little heavier it will ensure that you won’t burn up the cylinder and cause you to have a costly repair. Be sure each day to clean the saw and blow any dust out of the filter and when cutting concrete if the saw gets when make sure to wash it out until the water runs clear because the concrete can cake up around the clutch and cause it to malfunction as well. You can buy an electric powered concrete cut off saw for use when cutting inside enclosed areas and the fumes from a gas portable cut off saw will be harmful for you to breath.


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Most concrete cut off saw manufacturers provide very good service and warranties for the concrete cut off saw and if you have any problems they are good about sending you another one. If you take care of your concrete cut off saw it will give you many years of dependable use, be sure to read all the documentation before taking it out and putting it to the test.


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