Comparison between Natural Gas Generator and Other Types of Generators.


In many developing countries, the power sector is in shambles. Many household including some corporations had to run on different kinds of power generator for survival. There is the natural gas generator, coal power generator, diesel power generator and more. But here, our mission is to compare them and see which one is on the overall scale more favorable than the others.

Natural Gas Generator Vs Coal Generator

The obvious things about natural gas is that it is readily available, it produces less amount of exhaust and smoke, it is cost effective, it is cheaper to apply and maintain and finally, more than the coal, it is user friendly and less hazardous. But on the other hand is the coal with its dangerous fumes and high carbon emission into the atmosphere, it is costlier to manage, it involves too much complication and so not user friendly. On this note, it is clear that natural gas generator is better in that it can be directly connected, it is safe in both residential and industrial settings, it is cheaper and more readily available everywhere than coal.

Natural Gas Generator Vs Diesel Generator

In estimating and ascertaining the differences between the natural gas generator and diesel power generating set, a careful look reveals that their cost and benefit estimates are equal. Their efficiency, availability and cost are virtually the same. However, with the latest advancement in technology, we now have biodiesel and it has proven more efficient, effective and even relatively cheaper than all other sources of energy.

Natural Gas Generator Vs Gasoline

On the final note, the result comparison of the gasoline power generators with the natural gas generators still showed that natural gas has an edge over the gasoline. Natural gas is still seen to be safer for the environment, it is more cost effective and convenient to use. An instance of this is the fact that natural gas consuming generators are even available in portable and cheaper forms which lies with the budget of the households and this readily meet their power needs when there are power outages.

With these lines of comparison clearly drawn, we could conveniently conclude that if safety is what we want, if we have preference for cheap, yet effective alternative source of power, if we are concerned about minimizing the amount of hazardous pollutants released into our environment, then, natural gas generator is our best option we could think of, especially in our homes.


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