Compact Treadmills


Most people who want to exercise at home have the dilemma of wanting to buy a treadmill but not having enough space for it. The traditional treadmills are huge and bulky and they take up a lot of space. However, newer models have come out and compact treadmills are hitting the market and taking it by storm.

Compact treadmills are small treadmills, light and space saving. These compact folding treadmills are perfect for condominiums, apartments and/or offices where space is at a premium. The compact treadmill takes up less space than traditional treadmills. They could also be easily folded up and stowed away after each use. Though you have to remember that not all compact folding treadmills are actually compact, some of them are foldable but reach up to two feet in height making them quite impossible to store under the bed. You have to choose a model that only reaches around ten inches in height so it could easily be stowed away.

In addition to space saving, one must consider weight when choosing the best compact treadmill for you. Some treadmills are really heavy making it impossible to move and store easily. You should choose treadmills that are lightweight and have built in wheels for easy movement since you are going to move that treadmill around a lot.

Aside from space and weight, you must consider the features of the compact treadmill you are thinking of purchasing. Some compact treadmills do not have LCD screens to help track your progress during the workout, however some manufacturers have developed machines that doesn’t only have a built in LCD screen, but has built in exercise presets to help you optimize your work out.

You also might want to consider compact treadmills that come in fully assembled in the box. Do not get the ones that you still have to put together because that would only create unnecessary stress for you as you try to build your treadmill. Some of the best brands for prebuilt compact treadmills are Nordic and Horizon.

One of the most important considerations that you may want to look at when purchasing a treadmill is the warranty. Some cheaper models only have one year warranty. Since, this is considered a major purchase; you have to do the research. Make sure that the warranty for the compact treadmill that you want is exceeds ten years. It’s a major purchase so you have to make sure that the company helps you if ever the product breaks.

Finally, you have to have fun and use the treadmill. It is no use if you purchase it and leave it there to collect dust. Exercise! It’s good for you.


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