Compact Elliptical Machines


For most of us, space at home is an issue. You want to have an exercise machine at home and you want one machine that you could use for exercising and toning that does not take up much space and could easily be stowed away when you are not using it.   Treadmills are expensive and could take up a huge space at home, while other machines may be compact but does not give you the work out that you need.  Maybe what you need is a compact elliptical.

Compact elliptical machines are hot in the market right now.  They give you the right amount of exercise and some of them could be easily folded for easy storage.  They are nicknamed space saver elliptical because of that and could be bought with full features and functions that you could choose from. These compact elliptical machines are not far from their traditional counterparts.  Where as before these machines are mostly just cheap and have no computer function, the newer folding compact elliptical have fully functional LCD screens, built in training and exercise programs and mp3 hook up and speakers to help motivate you to work out more. Some of the best brands for these folding compact elliptical trainers are from Proform and Nordic track.

If you do not want to have the hassle of folding and unfolding your machine each time you use it, you may want to choose a compact designed elliptical machine. There are many machines in the market that are slimmer, space saving and have more ergonomic design so it could save space.  The only downside to this is that since it is slimmer, chances are that the stride length may be affected.

Final choice would be to try a two side flywheel designed elliptical. This type of design removes the traditional one large flywheel in front of the elliptical and replaces it with two smaller flywheels on each side of the machine. This brings in the legs closer together and gives the person a better posture which optimizes the workout.  The two flywheels on the side make the elliptical not as bulky or long and not difficult to find a place for storage.

The only downside to this machine is that it is very heavy to move.  It is unlike other compact elliptical machine where in it is light and easy to move. The upside to that weight is that it is definitely stable and poses less risk to the one who is exercising.

One must remember to always look for proper stride length, and consider their height and weight In choosing the correct machine for them.


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