Common Symptoms of a Hernia


Hernias are typically located in the abdomen, particularly in the groin area. They can have the appearance of swelling or tearing since the wall of the abdomen is weakened. Eventually, these will become painful and especially noticeable when lifting something heavy. In fact, the first hernia symptoms are pain, bulging, a sense of tearing and, in some cases, feeling full.

Any pain related to hernias is going to be intensified during coughing, lifting or sneezing. Many people feel that excessive coughing is a symptom of a hernia but it just makes the bulging more noticeable. The most obvious symptom of a hernia is the bulge showing in the groin area. The appearance of this symptom should send you to the doctor for an examination.

The causes of most hernias come from excessive coughing, lots of heavy lifting and anything else that causes physical stress on the abdominal wall. Less common causes are from a genetic or congenital weakness in the abdominal wall. Some people showing obvious symptoms of a hernia delay seeing their doctor because they’re afraid of surgery.

If that’s the case with you, it’s important to understand that this isn’t a difficult procedure. In fact, if you see your doctor at the first sign of any hernia symptoms, many times they can be handled through non-surgical methods. If you wait too long and the abdominal lining or wall is damaged, surgery will be required, but can be done on an outpatient basis. Following being released from the hospital, you’ll be sent home with instructions for hernia recovery.

For a patient presenting in the emergency room suffering from pain and a swelling in the groin area, the doctor will conduct an examination for diagnosis. There may be further testing required before a decision on treatment can be reached. A hernia in its early stages can be treated without surgery, while a more severe one will most likely need immediate surgical care.

Typically, all it takes for surgeons to diagnose hernias is touching the bulging area. The patient will then be asked to cough, which will make the hernia even more pronounced. Hernias aren’t actual surgical emergencies but will need a fast and accurate treatment to avoid complications for the patient.

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