Commercial Water Filter Systems


Need No Electricity To Work

In today’s highly polluted environment, commercial water filter systems are more of a necessity than a luxury. These devices are capable of removing the household and industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and bacteria, that can seep into the water supply and potentially affect the health of your workers.

But like the old saying goes” you can’t get a boy to do a man’s job.” So if you are thinking of getting a home water purification device for your business instead of a commercial water filtration system, because the home system is cheaper, that won’t do.

Commercial water filter systems are capable of filtering larger amounts of water and in many cases, capable of removing more contaminants than home pitcher filters or distillers.

These commercial water filtration devices use an advanced 5-stage reverse osmosis process, to remove drinking water contaminants.

Stage 1 removes dirt, sediment and rust.

Stage 2 eliminates bad smells, chlorine, organic contaminants, pesticides, and waterborne microorganisms.

Stage 3 get rids of any extra chlorine and volatile organic chemicals.

Stage 4 removes up to 99.9% of most bacteria, chemicals, total dissolved solids, metals and viruses.

Stage 5 eliminates any further impurities and smells from the tank.

Here are two other very importantly benefits, that these reverse osmosis industrial water filters have.

1. Energy efficiency. Some don’t even need pumps or electricity to run. They are driven by water pressure – which means tremendous savings for your company. And they are very quiet to boot.

2. The parts used in these filtration units are not only premium USA-made but also certified by the FDA and the NSF.

commercial water filter

3. Extreme durability. The average life of any water treatment systems sold by this water filter company is over 15 years.

This essentially means that when your drinking water comes into contact with these parts, they will not contaminate your water. So you can rest assured that the water you’re getting through your faucet, is the safest, healthiest water possible.

As a business owner or administrator, you might be wondering, why not get a water cooler for your organization? Indeed, getting a some quality water cooler with a built-in filter is useful. But it can only provide safe drinking water where the water cooler is located.

Commercial water filters on the other hand, will provide contaminant-free, healthy water throughout your entire business or organization. So if you own a school for example, there would be no danger in the kids drinking directly from the faucet.

Or if you own a restaurant, the water coming though your taps will be safe for cooking in addition to drinking.

Play your part in maintaining the health and well being of your staff by securing a quality commercial water filtration system, such as the one recommended below.


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