Comfortisse Bra


I don’t think I’m the only one. It’s hard to find bras that fit perfectly.

Wearing wired bras give good support and for some women can provide additional shape. The problem is that having wires can be painful especially if you’re not wearing a bra that perfectly fits you. This is where the Comfortisse Bra comes in. It provides both comfort as well as style by not using any wiring. At the same time it still provides the same benefits of enhancing the shape of your chest.

What is the Comfortisse Bra?

According to the company, these bras are special brassieres designed fit very well on any kind of breast size and shapes. Comfortisse provides a superior shaping of the breasts without having to use wires. This is supposedly due to the special design and the Italian loom, four-way stretching of the material. The claims are that there are no creases and no visible bra lines on any type of clothing. It also prevents unsightly bulges on the sides and your back that can happen with normal type fitting bras. This is because the contour of the bra not only promotes firmness of the chest but also seamlessly tucks in and supports your back.

Benefits of Using Comfortisse Bra

Here are some of the main benefits touted by the company and users:

  • Very comfortable and offers excellent support.
  • Promotes beautiful curves and firmness of breasts. Creates an appealing look easily noticeable when wearing everyday clothing.
  • Shapes the side and the back making sure there are no unsightly bulges.
  • Machine washable. No need to worry about hand washing these bras.
  • Available in many different colors including the basic black, white, and nude hues.


There is one main drawback. It is almost impossible to wear backless or strapless clothing with this bra as it is also similar in size and covers almost the same area as sports bras. However, for day to day wear, these bras are a very good “everyday bra” for women.


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