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If your cupcake carrier is occupying too much space or is too big enough to avoid crushing the cupcake frosting, you should buy a collapsible cupcake carrier from progressive international. This 24 cupcake carrier has enough room to hold all 24 cupcakes without damaging the frosting. Yet, when you are using the carrier, you can collapsible it so that it doesn’t take too much storage space.

Pros of this collapsible cupcake carrier

  • Space saving as the carrier can be collapsibled and stored away easily when not in us
  • Flexibility of holding 12 or 24 cupcakes. If you want to carry 24 cupcakes, simply add a tray in the middle
  • There is enough height for this carrier to prevent damaging any frosting or decorations that your cupcake has
  • The trays and carrier are easy to clean
  • You can turn this into a cake carrier by simply removing the tray

Cons of this collapsible cupcake carrier

The only negative part about this design is that the tray is not fixed to the base. What this does is to allow the tray to move slightly during the unloading and loading process. If you are not careful during this stage, cupcake might be damaged which is not we don’t want to happen.

Other than this, there is nothing bad to say about this great product : )

If you don’t trust our word, look at the 500 reviews on this product. They all can’t be wrong, can they?


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