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Especially design for camping trips and outdoor tailgating, Coleman RoadTrip grill is one of the best camping grills on the market for off the grid barbecuing. The portable Coleman gas grills do not only come in very affordable yet good value for money price ranges, they also come in versatile designs and unique construction styles – all catering towards convenience, ease of use and robustness for any traveler on the road.

In this Coleman RoadTrip review:

The Pros of Coleman RoadTrip Grills

Coleman RoadTrip Grill

Coleman RoadTrip LX blue

  1. In term of value for money, Coleman portable grill even beats the famous Weber Q for the same BTU power ratings. For example, you can buy the Coleman Road Trip Grill LX blue for under $230 and it provides two powerful burners which total 20,000 BTU, while the same level of power from Weber gas grills are only available on some full sized stainless steel models, such as Weber Spirit, Genesis or Summit models, which more than double the cost.
  2. Second most praised benefit is the fact how effortless it is to collapse the chassis back to a very compact size grill that you can easy carry on RV trips. The same time with legs folded you can put it on picnic tables to roast things like potatoes, onions, chicken fillets, etc… on the griddle. When you unfold the legs, the RoadTrip then becomes a full height powerful outdoor BBQ grill. Nothing is more enjoyable than being able to carry a full size grill on the back of your car no matter where you decide to travel.
  3. Designed for outdoor camp grilling, RoadTrip series are quite versatile in a way that they have mix-and-match cooking surfaces, which means you can use them as a grillergriddle or even Coleman camping stove.
  4. Even though Road Trip grills may look like they have many detachable Coleman grill parts, the assembly is really simple and straight forward. One customer from Miami mentioned how it took him only 15 minutes to up together the Coleman RoadTrip LXE gas grill when others usually took him at least 1 full hour.
  5. Cleaning is quite straight forward if you presoak the grates and griddle in the water with mild detergents for few minutes prior to washing. RoadTrip grills are equipped with detachable grease trays that catch all the drippings and can slide out for time-saving cleaning.
  6. Even lightweight models such as Coleman RoadTrip Party grill comes with InstaStart™ electric ignition system which makes lighting flames as simple a pushing the ignition knob.
  7. All Coleman Road Trip portable grills are compatible to be run on disposable 16.4 ounces propane cylinders for much ease of use and convenience, because you won’t have to carry heavy gas fuel tanks if there is no need to.
  8. The company is so confident in its product that they give you a full 5 years or limited warranty for absolute satisfaction and peace of mind.

The Cons of Coleman RoadTrip Grills

Perhaps the only drawback is that the Coleman RoadTrip grill is not designed to be cooked with lid down. If you prefer to sear in juices and preserve all the nutritional values and beneficial vitamins in your steaks with low heat grilling for a long time then RoadTrip models are not for you. This is where more expensive Weber Q portable grills come into play and sell so well. Some people have reported melting down of handle on Coleman Red RoadTrip grill, while with the Coleman Blue RoadTrip others have managed to cook with lids down for about 15-20 minutes without any problems.

Before You Buy The Coleman Camping Grill

When you order Coleman RoadTrip gas grills, makes sure you specify and enquire about porcelain coated cast iron grates and griddles. This is because few consumers have found themselves in possession of cast aluminum accessories after purchasing the 20,000 BTU Coleman BBQ grill, instead of the expected cast iron quality mentioned in the specs due to not so clear description from the manufacturer.

For serious grilling and continues good heat, is recommended to run Coleman RoadTrip on bigger propane tanks than the one which come sin initial purchase. If you cook for big BBQ parties often, like during big friends – family gathering, lantern festivals or sports events, it’s best to purchase the extra propane hose adapter and connect your portable Coleman camping grill to large gas tanks around 3 or 5 gallons in capacity. The initial investment will soon pay off its price during the summer season when you get to fully enjoy the smooth and consistent barbecuing experience.

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