Coleman Generator Parts – Verify Engine Numbers Prior To Purchase


The Coleman Company is a well recognized outdoor product brand. Not only do they provide generators and Coleman generator parts, but they also supply outdoorsy people with backpacks, stoves, lanterns, tents, coolers and sleeping bags. So if you want to fire up your cooler on a fishing trip to the great outdoors you are going to require your Coleman generator to keep it in running condition and keep those beers coming. Fishing is after all very thirsty work!

Most renowned for their camping gear, Coleman has not added an even more extensive range to their inventory. They have been in this business for more than 100 years and seem to know what they are doing. They have worked very hard to reach the goals that they have achieved and now are top of the heap in terms of the outdoor equipment industry. They generators are also very popular products and one of the best sellers is the Coleman Powermate generator series.

If you are looking for Coleman generator part, it is very important that you not there is often more than one type of engine used on some of the models. Therefore you must ensure you are using the correct engine number for your part and that you have verified this, also always use regulation Coleman Parts. The smaller generators are very popularly used for camping and light duty, while others can, power and entire house or building.

These generators come in many different styles, shapes and sizes; the one that offers the most features is the ProForce 3000. This machine has a 5.5 Horse Power OVH engine and a 3 gallon gas tank that will provide you with 9 hours of run-time on a 50% load. It operates at a maximum of 3750W which is pretty impressive considering it is one of the smaller Powermate series.

If you really want to go for one of the big guys, the PowerStation 11500 Standby generator is the one to choose. It offers incredible power for larger loads and features a quiet 24 Horse Power overhead valve Honda engine to reduce noise. But I don’t think that anyone could possible drink enough beer on a fishing trip to possibly need this much energy to power their camping cooler.

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