Coleman Black Max Generator Reviewed


A Coleman Black Max generator is great for your home for backup when the electricity goes out. It is really important to have backup because you never know if the power may go out. It can go out for days in a real emergency- maybe even longer. You need to be very prepared just in case this happens.

The reason that this is such a great generator is that it has a 12 HP OHV gas engine. The gas tank is six gallons that will provide as much as ten hours of run time. It also includes circuit breaker protection. The panel includes 4 120 volt outlets.

The Coleman Black Max generator has low oil shut down to protect itself when the oil gets too low. This generator also works well on the jobsite where no power is available. It is very easy to use and has so much power it can run all of the household appliances like the refrigerator, television, freezer and sump pump. The jobsite will be able to run saws, grinders, drills and much more.

Make sure that you take the proper safety precautions while using the generator. You don’t want an accident to occur while you are using it. Have an easier time on the job or while camping with electricity on hand. When you are camping you can run an electric stove or a radio. Pretty much anything you need to have plugged in you can use.

So when you choose your next generator make sure you choose the Black Max Coleman generator and have a reliable machine that will last you for years to come. No one wants to be stuck in a power outage without a generator. Make sure that you prepare yourself and your family in case of this type of situation.

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