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What is a clitoral stimulation

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For women, sex toys designed to stimulate the clitoris are generally relegated to the vibrator category. Not every vibrator is necessarily designed to be an effective clitoral stimulator, though. If you’re looking for sensual accessories that provide the greatest clitoral stimulation, you want toys that can focus their vibrations on a very precise point.

Contoured toys like Bswish’s Bcurious and LELO’s Nea are excellent clitoral stimulators for both experienced users and newcomers to women’s sex toys alike. Their oblong, curved bodies make them look more like abstract art objects than adult toys. What makes these toys perfect examples of a modern clitoral stimulator is the manner in which they precisely direct their vibrations to their curved tips, offering you rich waves of pulsating, vibrating sensation for your clitoris. Their unusual shape makes them easy to hold and maneuver, letting you direct your sensual experience with unparalleled precision at all times.

Toys like JimmyJane’s Form 2 and Cal Exotics’ Delilah offer more obvious vibration tips, though no two toys could be more radically different in design. The Form 2 resembles a large tooth and while this may seem like an unlikely form for an effective clitoral stimulator to manifest, you’ll find that its grip is extremely ergonomic and you’ll have easy access to the controls, allowing you to adjust the toy’s sexual tempo without ever interrupting your pleasure. The Delilah somewhat resembles a conventional wand-shaped sex toy, which might make it easier for newcomers to vibrating clit toys to get a handle on. The angled, rounded tip makes it ideal for directing sensation to your clit and any other erogenous zone you’d care to explore as well.

Clitoral toys are as varied as the women who use them; the only common denominator is that they excel at transmitting sensation directly to the clit and that their materials are chosen for maximum clitoral comfort. If you’re still in doubt as to the right product for you, ask the clerk at your favorite sex shop for advice. She’ll be able to give you the guidance you need to select the perfect sensual aid.

How does a woman give herself clitoral stimulation

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Finding your way to an intense clitoral orgasm isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. No two clits are created equal and every woman has different degrees of sensitivity along with different preferences in sensation, so experimentation’s required before you find out what your surefire path to orgasm is. Still, almost every woman can enjoy the rapturous bliss that accompanies these orgasms.

When you’ve got a quiet evening to yourself, silence the phones, turn off the instant messenger and explore your clitoral sensuality. Before you make any direct contact with your clit, you want to be relaxed, turned on and well lubricated. Take a long hot soak in the tub or relax in bed with your favorite erotica. Stroke your nipples or gently caress your vagina before you make your forays into clitoral stimulation.

Some women discover their clit is simply too sensitive for any direct contact to be comfortable, let alone pleasureable. If this is the case for you, stimulate your clit through the hood. Start with gentle motions with your fingertip, escalating the firmness of your touch and speed of your strokes as necessary. Before long, you’ll have discovered the rhythms and patterns that are just right for delivering a potent clitoral orgasm.

For many women, sex toys provide the most reliable means for achieving clitoral orgasm. The steady, consistent vibrations coming from a first-rate sex toy can take much of the effort out of achieving orgasm and most vibrating toys come with multiple intensities and patterns of vibration, so that for just about all women, sex toys are available that will produce intense orgasms. The best vibes for this purpose with have heads rounded to tips to precisely direct vibrations. Smaller vibes like egg and bullet vibes are also excellent for providing the maximum possible vibration directly to your clit.

No matter how you choose to explore your clitoral sensuality, you’ll discover that there are multiple ways to orgasm. Whether you prefer unaided masturbation or prefer to use a vibrator, you’re sure to discover a wealth of sensual experiences that will provide you with heady orgasms that leave you breathless.

What position provides the most direct clitoris stimulation?

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Are you really satisfying her when you make love? There’s a question that’s bound to provoke some serious performance anxiety. In this milieu, the way to a woman’s heart is through her clitoris, and there are some excellent positions that will help you readily entice and arouse that most sensitive of organs, ensuring that she’ll feel the earth move, the sky tumble down, and regard you as a sensitive, caring sort that knows how to treat a lady.

Having her on top is always a good way to make sure she gets the pleasure she’s craving—she gets to control the depth and the rhythm of penetration, plus she gets to ensure that the angle is just right for clitoral satisfaction. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions are excellent for setting the stage for her clitoral orgasm, but don’t forget to do your part. Just because she’s on top doesn’t mean you get to lie there like a cadaver. Get into her rhythms, use your hands creatively, and do your part to make it magic for her.

What position provides the most direct clitoris stimulation

Believe it or not, the missionary position can be excellent for helping her achieve a powerful clitoral orgasm. For maximum effect, put a pillow under her hips and position your legs on the outside of hers. This will give you the best angle and depth to pleasure her clit with your thrusts. Another good one to try is the classic spoon position with a little twist. When you’re entering her, have her lie her leg on top of yours. Again, this gives you an angle where you can get more depth and better penetration, and you’ll be making a more firm connection with her clitoris.

Whichever position you decide to get your groove on with, always remember foreplay. She’ll be much more receptive to your clitoral attention if she’s turned on to begin with. Pay attention to her verbal and non-verbal cues while you’re engaged in these positions, follow her leads and you might achieve a few simultaneous orgasms, which is always a delightful event.


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